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Expert industrial prototype idea design development engineering company New York

Do you want or are you looking fort  not waste your idea, talk to us.  Let us help you effectively protect your idea and bring your thoughts to life, transforming it into a 3D rendering image that our over experienced New Product Designers can view from all angles and quickly design and produce your first rapid prototype!

We are engineers with a team of experienced new product development (NPD) professionals who are experts in turning great ideas into reality.  If you have a unique idea for an invention or new product innovation, do not waste it.  Hiring the professional services of a NPD engineering like us here in Long Island, New York will allow your idea’s systematic cost effective prototype design and development, without need of  guessing every next step.  Your idea’s transformation into a successful and profitable prototype will not be as easy as just simply saying it, for you will have to take may necessary steps for if not done properly, may cost you a lot of money and waste all your time already spent and even land you a Patent infringement lawsuit. 

There are really many necessary steps to follow in realistically turning your idea into a new product and should you trust and hires us, we will design and develop your idea’s prototype  in incremental steps and strategies known as Evolutionary Product Development (EPD).  The latter are systematic procedures implemented by ideas into new product engineers to minimize overall costs and unnecessary expenses, reduce risks and waste time.  Upon hiring us we will immediately, prior to any discussion of your ideas with us, sign a full none-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you.  Protecting your idea is one of the most important step needed to be done, for your idea can easily be stolen from you.  Make sure to not discuss your ideas unnecessarily to anyone, even to NPD firms like us, unless you know and is sure your Intellectual Property (IP) is protected.

Validating your idea is also very important and are many necessary steps that must be performed which summarily determines whether your idea is really feasible and will have a market to sell to profitably. Your idea’s validation will also include performing an extensive Patent Research with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), to establish the fact that your idea is truly unique and that it can be patented.  Upon hiring us, we will file your Idea’s 1 year valid Provisional Patent Application with the USPTO where during this time we may design and produce your first idea rapid prototype and validated your idea as well.

CONTACT US now and let us realistically turn your idea into reality!

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