provisional application for patent (industrial engineering)


Protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) should be foremost on your priorities before your inventing process for your genuine idea for a new invention or innovation of an existing product. Legally, you may file a  Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which is valid for one year that can prevent others from copying your idea however, this PPA would not mature to your end product being Patented.  You will need to file a regular Non-Provisional Patent Application which is more expensive and requires more formalities and documentations compared to the requirements needed when registering for a PPA.

Having a Provisional Patent Application granted, you may now use this 1 year of its validity to validate your idea and proceed to designing, developing and engineering your idea’s first rapid prototype.  Your idea’s validation is very important however and should be done prior to you fully committing time and money to developing your prototype because when validating your idea, you will be able to find out if you actually have a market for it and if it will be profitable at all.  Of course with common sense you know it will be futile to continue turning your idea into reality even if you already know, you won’t have buyers for your end product, from your idea’s validation.

Aside from confirming your market acceptance, your  validating your idea will also help your designers and new product engineers or developers to improve your prototypes based on data gathered from your end users actual tests and usage of your product samples or your idea’s working prototypes.  For better or accurate testing data, make sure to have your prototypes used and tested by your random market product testers to its extremes, this is to prove your end products durability and longevity.  Industrial Prototyping your ideas in the inventing process is the best way to design and develop your intellectual property so that your new product development is cost effective and systematically materialized.

Realistically, there are so many essential steps needed to undergo for a successful idea inventing process.  To reduce risks and minimize overall costs and unnecessary expenses, hiring an expert idea into new product engineering company like us here in Long Island-New York, will ensure your idea follows incremental steps and strategies known as Evolutionary Product Development (EPD).  


Should you hire us now, we will sign a full None-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you prior to any discussions and immediately assist in helping you protect your idea and with your drafts or expression of your thoughts about your invention or innovation idea, proceed to producing your virtual prototype.  Contact Us!

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