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Very affordable trusted reliable idea into new product prototype engineering company New York

If you have a unique idea and want to turn it into reality, prototyping will bring your ideas into life.  You may draw it initially or even mold it into shape, using clay or with any materials that’s easy for you, to bring it to physical form.  With our help, we will initially create your idea’s virtual prototype before producing your new product prototype.  Your idea’s prototyping will effectively bring your ideas into its physical form and have its design perfected along with its intended functionalities. 

Prototyping will greatly reduce your design and development costs for we will use cheaper alternative materials while testing it, making it cheaper to effect modifications when needed.  Here in New York, we are located in Long Island and have been offering idea into new product prototyping services since the early 1990’s. We can cost effectively work with you or your team within your time and budget, no matter where you are based here in the United Sates. 

Before we start hearing your ideas, we will professionally and responsibly ask to sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.  Be advised to  never tell anyone unnecessarily about your ideas for its can be easily stolen from you, specially with professional companies like us, so asking a NDA signed with them will help protect your Intellectual Property (IP).  Should you hire us, we will prioritize your idea’s legal protection and proceed to filing your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as soon as possible.

Your idea’s legal protection should be foremost of your priorities, along with Validating it and should be done before you fully commit to your idea’s prototyping.  Why is because, if your IP is stolen from you, all your hard work may suddenly become futile and have your money and time spent on your NPD wasted.  Your idea’s Validation will inform you with facts of it’s worthiness in turning it into reality where, the feasibility studies we will perform for you, will establish if your idea will have a market and of how profitable it will be.  The prototype testing, which is part of the validating process with your end customers, will invaluably help our NPD designers and engineers perfect your idea’s design and functionality.

Hiring an expert and highly experienced idea into new product engineering company like us will realistically help bring your idea’s rapid industrial prototyping cost effectively.  With our over three decades of successful USPTO Patent and NPD experience, we will definitely reduce your wasted time, risks and minimize unnecessary expenses and overall costs.  Do not waste your  idea like many brilliant inventions wasted daily just because, their inventors didn’t know what to do next.  CONTACT US!

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