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Prototyping your idea is one of the essential steps for you to take to be more cost effective and efficient in turning your idea into reality.  With a product prototype created for your idea, you can better design and finalize your end product to how you really want it to look like and function its purpose.  You can also further validate it’s feasibility and profitability by testing it with your market and see how they react to it and if you will need to make adjustments depending on their feedbacks.  Your idea’s prototype market acceptance will help you determine if it’s really worth to go ahead and develop your idea after all.


Once you have come up with your idea and realized how great it can be and that you’d have a huge market demand for it, start protecting your idea.  Do not tell anyone unnecessary about it, no matter how close they are to you and should you trust us and engage our services, as a 100% responsible new product development (NPD)  company here in New York, we will immediately sign a full none disclosure agreement with (NDA) you!  We will also proceed to help you file your idea’s Provisional Patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) to establish your earlier filing date and to give you 1 year protection while you proceed to validate your idea and design, develop and engineer your idea’s prototype.


Although it isn’t really required by the the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a prototype of your idea will clearly demonstrate your idea’s functions to detail and will greatly improve your odds of getting a Patent Grant.  Below are just 4 steps to building your first prototype which are, amongst many other essential steps to turning your idea into reality:


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1. Draw or sketch your idea
On hiring our services and after signing a NDA (none disclosure agreement) with you, you may simply tell how your idea will look like and we can draw it professionally for you that is if, you have not done so already.   It is very necessary to document proof of your original ownership of your idea and safekeeping your early drafted drawings by hand are more credibly acceptable as proof than digital images, should you need to prove your ownership of your intellectual property with the USPTO.
2. Develop a Virtual Prototype
Once we have a sketch of your idea, our new product design team will turn this into a 3D rendering image using the latest computer graphics technology. A 3-D rendering lets you rotate and animate your virtual sketch enabling our new product designers to to visualize your idea from all angles and cost effectively finalize the design and be ready for rapid prototyping.
3. Rapid Prototyping your idea
From your finalized Virtual Prototype by our new product design engineers, our New Product Developers will now rapid prototype your idea which is, the method or technique of quickly creating or fabricating a scale model of your idea by using the latest computer-aided design (CAD) software. Having a new product prototype is essential to cost cutting your idea’s development costs and make it faster to complete also for with a prototype, you may used cheaper materials just to discover flaws and improve design and functionality.
4. Locate a Manufacturer
When you have a final prototype, you will need to know if you can sell it competitively in the market. Finding the best local or even overseas manufacturer that can give you the best quotation for mass production than can enable you to sell cheaply or at least competitively will dictate your profit and return of investment (ROI) faster.
We have over 3 decades of new product design and development experience here in Long Island, New York since the early 1990’s and you can trust us to be your one stop shop for all your idea into new product engineering and marketing needs.  Stop wasting time in doubting your idea’s potentiality, look no further for expert help to guide you in turning your idea into reality, Contact Us now!


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