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Have an invention or new product innovation idea and do you Need help to turn it into reality?

Based here in Long Island, New York we can efficiently help in expertly turning your unique invention ideas into reality, wherever you are located in the United States.  Like many of our existing loyal customers, with the use of modern social and communication technology, we will cost effectively develop and design engineer your idea’s prototype just as if your are located next door to us.  With our over three decades of New Product Development (NPD) experience, be guaranteed of our expert capabilities to help Patent, protect, validate and prototype your idea.  Don’t waste your idea, let us start working with you in realistically turning your ideas into reality.

Hiring us, you will no longer have to worry about your next steps in turning your idea into reality.  We shall professionally guide you in all the necessary incremental steps of the inventing process by following proven strategies in the NPD industry known as EPD or Evolutionary Product Development that aims to reduce risks, minimize unnecessary expenses, overall costs and wasted time.  Here in New York, we are trusted and known for very affordable idea into new product design and development engineering services.  Should you engage our firm, we shall responsibly draft and sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you, before we hear out your invention or new product innovation ideas.

As an advise should you discuss your ideas with other NPD firms like us, make sure to sign a NDA with them as well, for your idea can be easily copied or stolen from you. Once we are working with you, we shall immediately help in legally protecting your idea and proceed to filing and registering your Intellectual Property‘s (IP)  PPA (Provisional Patent Application) with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).  A PPA will quickly give your idea legal protection during its twelve months validity because, unlike a Regular Patent Application or None Provisional Patent (NPPA), a PPA requires less documentation and formalities and is much more cheaper to file too.  However, filing a Regular Patent Application is still inevitable because a PPA will not mature into a patent.  During the one year validity of your PPA, we can now safely validate your Idea and proceed to industrial prototyping.

As part of our expert advise for you and as your lead new product designer and development engineers, to avoid any regrets and to be sure if your idea is really worth developing at all, we shall professionally advise you to properly validate your idea before fully working on your idea’s virtual and industrial prototypes.  Just as important as protecting your idea, validating it is extremely important as well for it includes the following necessary steps that will wisely, help you determine if your idea is worth turning into reality at all and as you will see is really best done before your prototyping process: 

1.  USPTO Patent Research:  This step shall prove to you that your idea is really unique and should really be thoroughly and expertly done.  Manufacturing, selling and profiting from someone else’s registered patent is illegal and will get you sued for Patent Infringement.   As mentioned, this step along with the other steps below are important for you to perform before prototyping for if it turns out, your idea already has a similar patent registered, you could save a lot of money and time after avoiding to prototype an idea that you can’t own and patent.

2.  Feasibility Studies:  These steps will give information if your idea has a market to sell to.  Again, it is importantly validated by conducting feasibility studies to know if your idea’s end product can be sold in the market for if not, there is no point in prototyping and turning it into reality at all.  These studies also include Prototype Market Testing which are, critically useful to your idea’s design and development.

3.  Costs Estimates:  Knowing beforehand how much your new product development expenses, as well as your mass production costs will be before prototyping, will properly guide you if your finances are sound enough or if you’d need to find a financial partner.  

Protecting and validating your idea is obviously essential for the 100% success of your ideas smooth journey into becoming a profitable end product.  Don’t waste your idea, hire us now and let us expertly turn your idea into reality,  Contact Us!

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