Prototype design development engineering (PPA) services NYC


Looking for affordable help to prototype your invention idea, design and develop it?

Have a great invention idea?  A new product innovation perhaps that you know for sure will be a huge success for it will definitely make a change on how the product is currently use and benefited from.  Need a trustworthy Idea into New Product Engineers that can cost effectively and methodologically bring your idea’s end product to reality?

Hire us now and we will immediately start by signing with you a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  We will professionally help in assisting to legally protect and Patent your idea as well as thoroughly validating it.  With our NPD expertise and invaluable over 3 decades of idea into reality experience, we can truly guarantee to realistically turn your idea into reality!

Prototyping your idea is the earlier steps of turning your thoughts into reality.  Once you discus your invention thoughts with us, our computer graphic designers shall transform your thoughts into a rendering 3D image virtual prototype which simply enables us to, visualize and rotate you idea in all angles thereby hastening the design phase and production of your first rapid industrial prototype.  The foremost advantages of creating prototypes of your idea is that, it will tremendously save you costs on development and and will definitely hasten and help in the perfection of your end product’s design.  It will also be necessary although not required, for technicalities in support of your Patent Application with the USPTO.

Your prototypes will also be useful when validating your idea specially on feasibility studies in establishing your market and having it tested by your future customers.  Your idea’s validation is of same importance as protecting it and best done during or before fully committing to funding your idea’s design and development.  With our proper validation, we can determine the worthiness of turning your idea into reality.  We will establish the profitability of your market and use our prototype testing in producing you a perfect end product.

In validating your idea, we will also perform a very comprehensive Patent Research with the USPTO to establish the fact that your idea is truly unique.  The latter is very important for it will help you avoid any Patent Infringement lawsuits which can be very expensive should you breach anyone else’s registered Patents.  A lot of brilliant ideas are wasted daily because the inventing process are composed of many steps and many of them must be done incrementally.  Without professional help from idea into new product firms here in New York like us, it’s possible you may need to guess many of the next steps.

Don’t wast your idea, let help efficiently turn your idea into reality.  Contact Us

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