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Have an idea for a new product invention or innovation? Need help to turn into reality?

Gifted with a great revolutionary idea, your question in mind now will be, “What to do next?”.  The answer is not as simple as anyone would like it to be.  Even for the experienced inventor, the help of a new product development company like us in turning their ideas into reality is a necessity for with our services, we will help in expertly minimizing your unnecessary expenses and overall costs, reduce risks and quicken completion.  Here in Long Island-New York, we can cost effectively work with you wherever you are located in the United States and realistically turn your ideas into really successful future proofed quality end products.

Now that you’ve found us and engage our services, we will initially responsibly sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  This is a legally binding contract you should also ask to sign with other new product development companies like us that you speak with about your idea.  Remember, your idea can be easily stolen from you and you should start protecting it right from the start and must begin with not unnecessary telling anyone about it.  In trusting us, we will implement the best possible way in our experience to turn your idea into reality by following incremental steps and strategies known as EPD or Evolutionary Product Development.

Foremost before fully proceeding with your idea’s prototyping, we will proceed to legally protect your idea and will register your Intellectual Property’s (IP) Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).  By now you must be asking in mind, what patent should you file and why we opted to register a PPA first. The reason is because a PPA compared to a Regular or Utility Patent Application, requires less documentations and will be faster in getting your Intellectual Property protected.  It is valid for one year and will establish your idea’s earlier filing date. 

A PPA will temporarily protect your idea’s functionality or mechanism but will not protect its visual property.  We will also file a Design Patent for you which will be valid for 14 years and should protect your idea’s visual properties.  Aside from protecting your idea and before we proceed to designing and developing your idea’s virtual prototype, we will also prioritize your idea’s validation.  This idea validation process is also very important because it will guide you with facts of whether it is worth it to turn your idea into reality at all.

Because prototyping services are expensive and will need time, your idea’s validation as early as possible can save you from losing money and wasting time if, you find out after validation that your idea:  

1.  Already has a similar registered patent with the USPTO.

2. Doesn’t have a market to sell to.

3.  Your product is too expensive to mass produce to sell competitively.

As you can see from above, finding the above validation results too late can mean you losing all your money spent and time wasted.  Do not waste your idea.  With our help, we will professionally protect, validate and prototype your idea so that we can cost effectively and realistically turn your idea into reality,  CONTACT US!

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