PPA filing registration help best idea (NPD engineering) NY


Looking for professional or expert help to legally protect your idea and validate it?

Here in Long island-New York, we have over three decades of successful and trusted idea into new prototype Industrial engineering experience.  We have satisfactorily assisted many great inventors as well as small and large companies in turning their unique ideas into highly profitable and successful end products.  We help in guaranteeing patent registrations for inventions and new product innovations as well as validating ideas, prior to industrial prototyping.  No new product development tasks are to small or large for us and we are able to work within your time and budget.

Your idea is precious if it is unique and has tremendous profit potential, don’t waste it.  If you came here to our website in search of an experienced patent and NPD engineering company that could help you in filing and registering your Provisional Patent Application (PPA), than you are on the right track on successfully turning your idea into reality.  Protecting you idea should be foremost of your inventing process because your idea could be easily copied and stolen from you.  Why opting for a PPA registration first, instead of directly filing for a Regular Patent or Non Provisional Patent Application is because, a PPA costs way cheaper compared to a Regular Patent Application and also requires less documentations and formalities. 

A PPA once granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will effectively give your Intellectual Property (IP) ample legal protection for a year during its validity.   You may use this 12 months time to properly validate your idea and proceed with its industrial prototyping.  A PPA is essential to be filed to establish your idea’s early filing date.  Since it won’t mature into a patent, you will still need to file a Regular Patent to get your idea patented and to fully enjoy the benefits of owning a Patent.

In protecting your idea, you must be very careful of whom you discuss your idea with.  If you trust and hire us, we will immediately sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you, a contract that you should ask from any other NPD engineering firms you speak with other than us.  This is to protect your idea from being stolen from you.  It would be a shame if, specially after already spending so much and have even completed your prototype or end product, you find out too late that someone you have trusted and spoke your idea with, had managed to patent your idea ahead of you.  

The inventing process of your idea into reality sadly isn’t that as easy as can be spoken of.  There are many incremental steps  involved amongst the many processes which can, easily cause you to overspend your budget and unnecessarily waste more time. That is why, validating your idea is also critically needed for your proper guidance in going through the invention process.  There are many more advantages in hiring our expert patent and idea into new product industrial prototype engineering services and all of which will lead to, your idea’s cost effective and realistic turning into reality.  Hire us now and let us guarantee your idea’s patent and 100% future proofed, profitable end product realization.  Contact Us!!

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