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Worrying about how to quickly bring your brilliant invention idea into reality, if would be best to seek professional help, specially if this is your first time.  Why is because, there are many processes that are needed to be done to ensure that your money and efforts are not wasted.  Without performing some of the incremental steps of some of the processes could also mean disaster, wasted time and unnecessarily spending more money.  Engaging our services, you can be guaranteed a 100% worry free of transition of your invention  idea into a very marketable and highly profitable end product.



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Best NY prototype development idea patent design engineering


Established in the early 1980, Advance Graphics Design & Development Corporation (AGDE) is based here in Long Island-New York. We have over 30 years of ideas into new product design and development experience were we have served many inventors and companies from all over the United States.  Don’t worry about your distance from us because, we use modern social communication applications to speak in real-time (just as if, you are next door located to us).  If you choose to hire us, we will efficiently work with your team and immediately proceed to validating, protecting and prototyping your invention or new product innovation.


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In serving you, protecting your invention idea immediately will be our main and initial task because, it can easily be stolen or copied from you.  Before we listen to your thoughts we will initiate to responsibly draft and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you.  Remember, seek to sign the same agreement with any other new product development companies you speak with about your invention.  We will file as soon as possible all the applicable patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the effective legal protection of your intellectual property.


Often a provisional patent application is preferably filed before a irregular or utility patent because it is cheaper, requires less documentation and will quickly legally protect your ideas.  However because a provisional patent application (PPA) does not mature into a patent, before it expires in a year, a regular patent will still be necessary to be filed to continually enjoy the benefits granted by the PPA.  There are different types of patent applications offered by the USPTO with each having their own different purposes.  So like the provisional patent application (which only protects your invention’s functionalities), a design patent application will be necessary to be filed, to protect your idea’s visual properties.   If you are still looking for the right partner to help bring your idea into reality, Contact Us!


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