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Need or looking for very affordable prototype manufacturers for new product invention or innovation ideas?

Need an MFG (manufacturing) engineering to assist in turning your invention idea into reality?  Based and established here in Long Island-New York in the early 1990’s, we have over 30 years of invaluable successful NPD (New Product Development) experience to guarantee our excellent results should you hire us wherever you are in the United States.  We will professionally help in legally protecting your idea, validating and cost effectively prototyping it.

Prototyping your product would make it easier for you to visualize, design and develop your idea in its physical form.  Amateurishly, if this is your first time to invent, you may use clay molds or other materials you can lay your hands on to bring your thoughts to life.  The functions of your invention however, if you are an engineer or have experience yourself as an inventor, you will definitely know how to improvise and make it work.  Hiring a professional idea into new product engineering firm like us here in New York and wherever you are in the United States, we will expertly assist in protecting your idea, validate it and produce your various prototype models. 

From your thoughts, we will transform your idea into a 3D rendering virtual prototype that our new product designers can visualize and rotate in all angles which will hasten the design phase and quicken your rapid industrial prototyping.  Your first physical prototypes will significantly help you cut costs in the design and development phases because we can use cheaper raw materials before finalizing your end product.  Any defects detected or improvements to be done can be easily effected without must costs and waste of time.  The stages of industrial rapid prototypes we manufacture will also be used to validate and perform feasibility studies on your idea.

If you hire us we will sign full None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you which is, a contract you must always specifically ask for with any other New Product Development (NPD) companies you speak with, to protect your IP (Intellectual Property).  We will thereafter proceed to legally protect your idea and the fastest surest way is, to file and register your idea’s  PPA (Provisional Patent Application) with the with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).   A PPA will establish your idea’s earlier filing date and during its twelve months validity, we may proceed to thoroughly validating your idea and also start on working on your virtual prototype.

The Validation Process is an equally important process as your idea’s protection for it will, determine your idea’s uniqueness with the USPTO, as amongst the many favorable results.  Establishing the fact the your idea is unique, paves the way for your idea to be patented and also frees you from any future Patent Infringement Lawsuits.  Performing feasibility studies as well as prototype testings are part of the validating process which will, let you know your idea has a market to sell too and the data from your customer’s prototype feedback will assist in perfecting your end product. 

With our help, you won’t be needing to guess every next steps of your inventing process.  With our expertise, we will strategically minimize your overall costs, unnecessary expenses, reduce risks and lessen your wasted time.  Let us realistically turn your idea into reality, Contact Us

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