New York top best affordable idea product engineering design devt company

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New York top best affordable idea product engineering design devt company

We are and have been in business providing product design services for the last three decades and still are Engineering for any Pro-Se Patent & Trademarking Applicants who want to do their project their way while additionally saving initial & critical funds.  We provide all these services along with those who choose to have professional patent attorneys and agents assisting in their efforts.  We work closely with our clients and Inventors along with their patent lawyers, agents or our own in-house staff of patent researchers and processing professionals in order to produce designs that are indeed novel and extremely unique in front of the USPTO.


We are a Company that has hosted various projects, clients and vendors throughout  the years wherein, our main focus is product development. We are a full generation engineering group for New Product ideas or Enhancement to Existing ones!  We can be your new idea and new product invention’s turnkey firm in developing and seeing it from your Concept To Reality®. Established in late 1990, we have been in business and have since grown to corporate level and are affiliated with many production and manufacturing firms throughout the United States, nationally & World internationally Alike.  Working the best solutions for you and your inventionwe can be large enough to compliment your fullest engineering needs in producing high-run, cost effective tooling along w-production requirements and Small Enough to provide personal (one on one) service in walking you through in every step of your product’s evolution: Again, from Concept to your Idea’s Reality®. We will also assist in your concept’s intellectual protection in filing your invention and idea with the Patent Office.  Along with the above listed services, we also provide thorough patentability searches.

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We have helped many inventors reach their realities and their dreams in intelligently forming & then designing their thoughts, along with physically developing and producing a real production unit proof of design sample in the end.  We utilize many state of the art computer programs on extremely high end systems to achieve our designs.  Please read on and in reviewing the sample pages within, you will get a better understanding of just how we can help you personally, whether you are local, or distance proves to be a challenge, we can help you remotely for certain.  We have many past clients, their patents and their industrial designs written and listed within our pages.  Each of our team’s professional members are very experienced in all phases of product development, from patent searches, patent filings in protecting your idea through designing and forming your idea into a real product to complete packaging and distribution shipping to anywhere in the world of your new product


Let us help you realize your imagination in actually making a dream come to life.   CONTACT US.


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