new york new product design engineering idea development services company


New York new product design engineering idea development services company


Turning your ideas into reality would entail spending lots of money and dedicating so much time to have a successful end product.  You may always do everything on your own, there are so many tutorials to be learnt online but, are they enough?  Many great inventions are lost daily not because they weren’t really great at all, but because their inventors simply didn’t know what to do next.


Do not waste your idea, let us realistically turn it to reality with you.  Should you hire our new product design and development engineering services here in New York, we will responsibly immediately sign a NDA (none disclosure agreement) with you.  We will be prioritizing to have your idea, your intellectual property to be protected and initiate filing for its provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  From your idea’s conception from your thoughts, you should never unnecessarily tell anyone about it for many have lost their intellectual property rights for doing the same mistake.


New York best top affordable idea into new product design engineering services company


Before proceeding to fully developing your idea, validating your legal right by ensuring your idea is indeed unique in the USPTO’s patent’s  registry and it’s potential profitability is critically important.  We will perform an exhaustive USPTO patent research clearing any potential patent breach, should there be any similar product in existence that is patented.  Conducting a feasibility and market study too is crucial before proceeding to design and develop your idea for there is no sense wasting more time and money if you find out that, you don’t have a market for profitability with your idea.  Stop wasting time wondering what to do next, do not overspend money on guessing your next steps  will be, Contact Us now and let us help in realistically turning your idea into reality.


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