New product prototype idea (Patent) engineering development

Are you in search of a trusted prototype engineering company here in New York who could quickly turn your unique invention idea into reality?  Need help to legally protect your Intellectual Property (IP) by filing the necessary applicable Design Patent or Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)?  Do you need help on Validating your idea to know if it’s really worth turning into reality, will have a market to sell to and and find how much the inventing process will cost?  Great you have thought of a new invention or a new product innovation, Don’t waste Your Idea!  With our help, let us realistically turn it into reality. 


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New product prototype idea (Patent) engineering development

Here in Long Island-New York, we are trusted as amongst the most affordable, reliable and probably the best idea into new product engineering design and development company, serving inventors and companies located anywhere in the United States.  With over thirty years of industrial engineering experience we can quickly turn your idea into reality, giving you an end product with maximum profitability using, the best possible cheapest raw materials without sacrificing design, compromising quality and functionality.  Should you hire us, we will responsibly sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.  Protecting your intellectual property is important along with Validating it because, it can protect you and help you avoid future problems and is best done from the beginning.

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Your idea can be easily copied and stolen from you so, you must always ask to sign a NDA with other New Product Development (NPD) firms you speak with, before you tell them your ideas.  Alongside your idea’s prototyping, we shall proceed to filing your idea’s necessary patents to protect your intellectual property.  A Regular or Utility Patent shall protect your invention idea’s functionalities whilst, a Design Patent that is valid for 14 years, shall protect the visual properties of your idea.  Normally a  Provisional Patent Application is filed before a Utility Patent Application because, it requires less documentations, is cheaper and will quickly give your idea, legal protection.

Although a Provisional Patent Application is only valid for twelve months, it will delay your patent application’s and establish your idea’s earlier filing date.  During its one year of validity, we can commence your ideas validation as well as the prototyping of your idea.  We shall transform your invention idea into a virtual prototype which is, a rendering 3D image that will help our new product designers to rotate and visualize your idea in all angles, to hasten the development of your first industrial prototype.  Having done your search online, you would have realized that prototyping services are very expensive and for these reason, as your expert new product development consultant, we shall help you to thoroughly validate your idea. 


Your idea’s validation shall properly guide you on your idea’s potential success and will let you know if it’s worth turning into reality at all.  Validating your idea will also let you know if your idea is truly unique so you can patent it and it will also inform you if your end product will have a market to sell to.  Hire us and let us cost effectively turn your idea into reality,  Contact Us!    

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