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Looking for affordable professional engineering help to turn your invention idea into reality?

If you have a unique idea for a new invention or an exciting product innovation and is very decided on turning it into reality but, is new to the inventing process, be warned that you may waste it if you have to keep guessing every next steps.  There are a lot of brilliant new inventions wasted daily just because, their inventors faced too many mistakes that unnecessarily increased their expenses and wasted so many hours.  There are many advantages to hiring the professional patent and idea into new product engineering services like ours and that is, to simply undergo the whole inventing process with proven methodologies and having to avoid guessing every next steps.

For the guaranteed success of your idea’s turning into reality, among the many processes you’d have to go through is, the legal protection and thorough validation of your idea.  This far, you must have already done many drafts and maybe even have created your own sample prototypes of your idea using clay perhaps or other improvised materials that which, you should all keep safe.  The latter will all come very handy should you need to prove your original ownership of your idea to the USTPO on, how you came up with it.  Be advised to never tell anyone about your idea unnecessarily for it can be easily copied, improved and stolen from you specially by unscrupulous new product engineering companies.  Should you speak with NPD (New Product Development) firms like us, before you mention your ideas, make sure to ask to sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for your Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

Should you hire and trust us, we will immediately advise and sign with you a full NDA prior to any discussions about your idea and as soon as possible, file your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Filing a PPA is initially better than a None Provisional Patent Application (NPPA) or Regular Patent Application for it can quickly give you legal protection for your IP and is also much cheaper to file and requires less hassle of documents compared to a NPPA.  However a PPA is only valid for a year so you still must work on filing your Regular Patent Application to full enjoy the benefits of a Patent.  During the 12 months validity of your PPA, you may use this conveniently to Validate your Idea and start designing and developing your new product industrial prototype.

Prototyping your idea is a cost effective way of turning your idea into physical form.  We will transform your thoughts from your drafts or verbal discussions with us into a virtual prototype that is, a rendering 3D image that will enables NPD designers to rotate and visualize your idea in all angles, enabling faster development and production of your first rapid industrial prototype.  In designing and developing your prototype as your partner, we will make sure that all your money and efforts are worthwhile and these can be ensured by thoroughly validating your idea which is an equally necessary process, just like your idea’s protection.

Without properly validating your idea, you may realize too late that you don’t have a market for your idea’s end product at all.  Worst is if your idea wasn’t extensively Patent Researched with the USPTO for existing similarities with registered patents which will, totally waste your money already spent, as well as time used if you are sued for Patent Infringement.  The two latter examples are amongst the necessary validation steps that are critical to the definite success of your end product.  Another is the Feasibility Study which will involve actual testing of your idea’s prototype in the market where, your data and feedbacks gathered will be very valuable to ensuring market acceptance and 100% profitability. 

With our help you surely won’t have to guess every next step but rather, with our over three decades of successful Patent and New Product Design and Development Engineering experience, expect only the best patented end product of your idea, CONTACT US!

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