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We’re a Long Island-New York based Engineering firm providing cost effective New Product Development (NPD) for inventors in the USofAWe provide cheap and very affordable prototype design services as well as idea validation and Intellectual Property protection services.  A one stop shop for ideas into new product engineering services, we have over thirty years of successful experience turning ideas into realityIf this is your first time inventing one of your ideas, hiring us will stop you from guessing your next steps.   


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Naturally, possessed with a brilliant invention or new product innovation idea, you’d quickly want to develop and earn from it.  It’s best to seek professional help from new product development firms because we can absolutely guarantee your 100% success.  The inventing process requires many incremental steps where not knowing what to do next will surely increase your risks.  Hiring us, we’ll lessen your risks, significantly cut your unnecessary expenses and minimize your wasted time


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Idea Help Long Island New York New Product Prototype Engineering Services

Hire us for: 
1. Patents and Trademarks
2. Invention Idea Validation
3. New Product Prototype Design & Development Engineering
4. New Product Packaging, Labelling, Marketing and Advertising.
5. Expert New Invention Idea Advises and Consultation.
6. +++ many more. For whatever ideas into new product concerns you have,  CONTACT Us!

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