new product design development engineering services company


new product design development engineering services company

Seeing the need for trusted and reliable professionals and engineers for new ideas for inventions and new product innovations, was established here in Long Island-New York in the early 1990’s, to serve these brilliant inventors who simply didn’t know what to do next.  No matter where you are in the USofA, hire us and we’s still be professionally and efficiently working with you just like we are just next door neighbors with you.  If you have great idea and is having doubts on moving on or unsure of what ‘s the next step, contact us and we’d be more than happy to offer you our over 3 decades of new product design and development experience.



Should you decide to hire us, our expert team of meticulous engineers and various product professionals will start helping you protect your intellectually property, cost effectively design and develop your idea into prototype and once you have your successfully patented end product, help you market and make profit from  it.  Yes, turning your idea into reality isn’t just as easy as speaking it, there are a lot of essential steps to follow and often, simply missing out on some steps can often result in dire consequences which often spell the doom of most inventors dreams.  Hiring our services, will ensure your idea’s becoming a realistic profitable end product will be cost effective and future proofed.

affordable trusted new product design engineering development services company New York


Based here in Long Island, we are a team of acclaimed licensed engineers and university professors, business development professionals, product specialists, researchers, patent attorneys, and even Intellectual Property experts well experienced in all aspects of new product innovations, product developments and designs, manufacturing and global distribution networks.   With over 30 decades of experience, we have gained much acclaims in 100% customer satisfaction and recognition for getting any or all accepted projects delivered in time and in perfection.  We effectively turn inventor’s unique ideas into reality, always leading to commercial success and faster ROI (return of investments).  Let us start helping you protect your idea, patent it and give you your first idea prototype, Contact Us!

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