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New idea for Design and Development

If you have an Idea for a New Invention, next thing you think to yourselfI need to know what do with it.   When that light bulb goes off in your head with a new idea and you ask yourself, what can I do next to bring this great new invention to fruition?”.  You would probably think long and hard about what processes are involved in any new product development.  But foremost for your dreams to be realized, following these goals and certain concerns must be accomplished first.  You must first consider having a valid patent search performed that is not just generically and superficial, but more in-depth, wherein a search which dwells deeply into multiple sub-classes to reach more valid and potential reasons why cited patents were granted to begin with.  This patentability research becomes an essential part of the product design to development equation for it could or should prove very positive for you and your invention no matter what directions it might lead you to take.


If you want to take your invention to its most feasible level in the market as a new product, you must have it industrially designed first to establish your concept’s looks and functionality.  Then you must produce a working proof of design, which is normally called a prototype.  AGD&D Corp., will help you in these initial phases and much further down the road to realize your invention’s fullest potential  and we will additionally assist you in your patent processing to protect your intellectual protection.  
new invention ideas


Our team of professionals make certain if you allow, that all aspects of product design, development engineering , prototyping, patenting, packaging and finally production manufacturing for an end product to be shipped and distributed anywhere in the world for retailing stores to sell on their shelves and or through internet sales marketing and with final deliveries to end customers.  Come to Advance Graphics Design & Development Corporation (Call or Email us), as we will be your Turnkey solution for all phases of your new idea, concept and invention product design and full packaging development firm.  There is a great deal involved with any new concept’s development, but our team of experienced professionals will make your idea come to a real world reality for all to enjoy.

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