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Do you have an idea for new product invention or innovation and Need professional Help?

If you have an brilliant unique idea for a product innovation or a revolutionary new invention, don’t waste it.  It is a known fact that thousands of brilliant inventions are foregone daily because of inexperience and not knowing what steps to take next.  Although you may design and develop your idea on your own and in fact no one will stop you however, not knowing what to do with surety on every next step will increase your risks of failure.  Definitely it will cause you to overspend unnecessarily and to further delay and waste more time.  Initially, searching now for an expert new product development engineering company like us to partner with you in turning your thoughts into reality, is a great step. 

Hiring the expert services of an idea into new product patent and engineering company like us here in Long Island-New York, no matter where you are in the USofA (just like many of our clients from other states) is wise if you plan to realistically turn your idea into reality.  With our over three decades of successful New Product Development (NPD) experience, we will expertly turn your thoughts efficiently from idea into industrial prototype and finally into a future proofed 100% profitable end product, following incremental steps and strategies known Evolutionary Product Development or EPD.  Don’t waste your great unique idea like many of those lost daily, Contact Us and let us partner with you or your team in turning it into reality.  There are many incremental steps needed to be done amongst the many processes of the inventing process itself and making even one inevitable mistake, because of inexperience can mean delayed time, unnecessary additional expenses and even worse, failure.  

With our expertise and invaluable decades of experience, we can with guarantee assist and help get your Intellectual Property (IP) patented with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Cost effectively prototype your idea, Validate it and assist in Legally protecting it.  Protecting your idea should be a priority in your lists of things of what to do next with your new invention or product innovation, for it can be easily copied and stolen from you.  You wouldn’t want a scenario where, after spending so much and working really hard, you realized someone beat you into registering and patenting it and worse it was by someone you had trusted and discussed your precious idea with.

Hire us now and we will immediately sign a full None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.  This NDA is a necessary contract that you should ask to have signed by any other NPD engineering firms like us, that you speak with for your IP protection.  Working with you, we will commence as soon as possible to legally protect your idea and start with registering and filing your PPA (Provisional Patent Application) with the with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).  A PPA is valid only for twelve months and will be really great in amply legally protecting your idea, aside from establishing its early filing date.  This one year will also be enough time to validate your idea and start prototyping your invention idea.

Validating your idea is also a critical process you should consider amongst your first priorities for the success of your inventing process, for it will certainly guide you from committing mistakes, designing and developing your prototypes and determining if your idea is indeed unique.  If your idea has already a similar existing registered patent  with the USPTO, you may not Patent it meaning, you can’t develop and sell it as well.  Remember, just because you have not heard or seen it, doesn’t mean your idea does not exist.  Researching the Patent Registry of the USPTO is one of the Validation Steps of your idea and is really crucial for you to avoid any future Patent Infringement Lawsuits which are, very expensive.

We have decades of Patent and NPD industrial engineering experience.  With our help, we can realistically and cost effectively turn your invention thoughts into a successful and highly profitable end product, Contact Us

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