Need help idea invention (Near Me) engineering services NY

Wherever you are in the United States and you need to prototype an invention idea, we are here to help!  Here in New York, we’ve helped inventors and companies turn their brilliant ideas into reality for the past thirty years.  If this is your first time inventing, don’t waste your ideas by guessing your next steps.  Not knowing even the basic essential steps will increase your risks, your expenses and waste unnecessary time.

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Need help idea invention (Near Me) engineering services NY

Hiring our expert idea into new product engineering services, we will guarantee the 100% success of your end product’s profitability.  We will transform your thoughts into a 3d computer rendering virtual prototype to cost effectively hasten the design phase.  But before we discuss your invention ideas, we will responsibly sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with you.  You should prioritize protecting your intellectual property because it can be easily stolen from you.
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To legally protect your ideas, we shall register all the applicable USPTO patent applications for your invention.  A Provisional Patent Application is often filed before a Regular Patent Application because it is cheaper and requires less documentationValid only for a year, a PPA will establish your earlier filing date and legally protect your intellectual property.  Twelve months is ample time for us to Validate your Idea and proceed to prototyping your invention.

It’s best to validate your idea before spending too much on prototyping so as not to have regrets later on.  Why is because your idea’s validation will expertly inform you if your idea is indeed worth it to develop.  You will also know beforehand if your end product shall have a market and how profitable it’d be. Now that you’ve found us, let us immediately help you turn your ideas into reality. contact us.   Contact Us!      
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