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Looking for an affordable idea into new product engineering firm near you here in New York?  One that can cost effectively help in realistically turning your idea into reality with less risks of failures, reduction of wasted time and avoid unnecessary expenses.  An experienced and reliable New Product Development (NPD) that has successfully manufactured ingenious invention ideas into future proofed end product?

We are based here in Long Island-NY and no matter where you are the United States, we can cost effectively help turn your new invention or product innovation into reality, just like most of our clients based outside of New York.  You can trust us to expertly design and develop your idea’s prototype and manufacture your 100% profitable end product, following strategies and the incremental steps known as Evolutionary Product Development (EPD).  The inventing process is not that easy nor fast to accomplish but rather, will require numerous processes with many necessary incremental steps to be followed.  Without experience, it won’t be hard to overlook some of this incremental steps and thereby possibly cause overspending unnecessary monies or taking up more precious time.

Should you trust us and engage our NPD and Patent services, we will sincerely devote our almost three decades of invaluable idea into new product engineering and successful patenting experience to turn your idea into reality.  First, we will responsibly draft and sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which, you are also well advised to seek and sign with other NPD firms you speak with.  A full NDA serves as a legally binding document which shall protect your invention idea’s Intellectual Property Protection (IP) from being copied and stolen from you.  Make sure not to trust and disclose your ideas to anyone even those closest to you or you may suffer the fate of  many inventors having to prove their ownership of their invention with the USPTO against those who beat them in patenting it.

To ensure the success of your end product with no setbacks, amongst the many steps of the inventing process, the protection and validation should prioritized from the start.  Doing so you’d be sure that you have a market to sell to and know how profitable it would be.  Performing a Patent Research with the USPTO, this will also protect you from any Patent Infringement Lawsuits which are very expensive and costly, should you end product breach someone else’s patent.  Validating your idea, which includes testing your prototypes will be extremely useful and helpful in the industrial design and development of your prototypes. 

If you need a new product development  and design engineering firm near you, who are very much highly recommended and trusted with many loyal customers even from decades ago, hire us.  We guarantee to turn your idea realistically into a 100% profitable and future proofed end product, Contact Us!

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