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Industrial Prototyping is necessary for inventor and company Research and Development (R&D) teams to hasten and cost effectively bring their ideas into life.  There are many steps to be taken and processes to be done before a prototype is produced.  Foremost and most important of these necessary processes are your idea’s legal protection and its thorough validation which, if not done properly, may cost you to lose all your hard work, money and worst is even get your idea stolen.  Hiring our idea into new product patent and engineering services here in Long Island-New York will, prevent you from having to guess your every next step of the inventing process.

Wherever you are in the United States, we can effectively work with you just as if you are located next door to us, with the aid of modern communication technologies.  Should your hire us now, we will sign a full NDA (None Disclosure Agreement) with you prior to discussing your IP (Intellectual Property) with us.  We shall also commence to apply your idea’s PPA (Provisional Patent Application) which will give you, 1 year of ample legal protection during its validity.  We will use this twelve months time to thoroughly validate your idea and start its virtual prototyping.

Your idea’s inventing process is not that easy, fast and cheap.  Without professional help like us, it is so easy to commit mistakes that can unnecessarily add to your overall expenses and waste more valuable time.  Your idea’s validation is equally important as protecting it because, once validated, you will know for sure that your idea is really worthwhile to design, develop and profit from it.  The validation process of your idea is an on-going process in the entirety of your idea’s journey into reality and often taken in incremental steps summarized below:

1. Patent Research with the USPTO – Your idea or intellectual property can only be truly protected once you have patented it with the USPTO and before that happens, your idea must be unique with no similarities of with any other registered patents.   Should you continue to prototype and produced an end product and profit from it without researching and getting a patent and breach someone else’s registered a patent, you will be liable for to Patent Infringement Lawsuits which will definitely result to losing a lot of money and all your hard work.  Without saying, it is really important that a patent research is done from the start or even before or during the prototyping of your idea, so you very well know that your idea is indeed unique and that you can also have it patented and be protected from others copying or stealing from you.

2. Product Feasibility Study and Prototype Testing – These steps assures you that your idea has a market to sell to and that it will be profitable. What use will it be if you can produce a perfectly beautiful product but can’t sell many of it.  The various prototype testings which we will conduct for you, will be able to determine your customers acceptance of your product, find out its flows in design and functionality where, all valuable data gathered in the research will be very handy to our manufacturing (MFG) Designers and NPD engineers to hasten the design and development and perfect your end product.  

3. Determine Costs to turn your idea into reality? –  Us or your hired NPD partner should be able to estimate and point out to you what your total costs will be.  With experience of over 3 decades of successful NPD and patent registrations and producing various prototypes and handling various raw materials, we are well informed and can readily predict your would be total costs.  We can even greatly reduce your raw material trial and error wastage expenses being able to, quickly identify what suits your idea’s design and functionalities best.  Your idea’s total inventing costs will determine your Return of Investments (ROI) and the mass production costs will determine your Profitability.

Your costs will determine your budget and financial capability and will open you to options of going financially alone or getting a partner to work with.  If you do manage to capably produce your prototype and even get it patented on your own, it won’t matter if you can’t sell it if in the end your mass production costs are too high, to sell your end product in retail to the market.

As  you can see, your hired professional’s help in reliably validating your total estimated costs before you start your inventing process is very critical to your overall success.  Here in Long Island-NY and wherever you are in the USofA, we are a trusted patent and NPD engineering company that can cost effectively and reliably bring your idea future proofed into reality, Hire Us!

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