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Looking for NY idea product innovation prototype development?

If you have an idea for a new product invention or innovation, don’t waste it.  The inventing process is composed of many steps that, without experience you’d surely be guessing every next step.  Sadly, there is no clear straight cut formula to follow for every invention idea is supposed to be unique.  With experience like us of over thirty years of idea into new product engineering, we are easy to identify raw materials, cost effective solutions and time management.  We professionally follow incremental steps and strategies known as Evolutionary Product Development or EPD that reduces risks, minimizes overall costs, reduce risks and eliminate wasted time.

Hire us and let us help you avoid having to guess every next steps of your idea’s inventing process.  Trusting us, we will commit to the 100% success and profitability of your idea’s prototyping and end product.  We shall immediately start in helping you to protect your idea and validating it prior, or the same time as your virtual and industrial prototyping.  It is important to commence legally protecting your IP as soon as possible because your idea can easily be copied and stolen from you.  

Be advised to never unnecessarily tell anyone about your idea, no matter how close they are to you.  Should you engage our patent and industrial engineering services, we will responsibly sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you, before we start discussing your ideas.  Make sure to ask and sign a NDA with other new product development firms like us, that yous speak with as well about your idea.  Be reminded too to safeguard and keep safe any evidence or proof that you have or had done, like drafts or rough prototypes about your invention or innovation idea for, they will be very strong proof of your IP ownership with the USPTO should you be asked for it.   

Invention new product NY prototype (patent) engineering help

With our help, we will assist in quickly legally protecting your idea by filing your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Unlike a Utility or Regular Patent Application, a PPA requires less documentations and formalities and is valid for a year.  During this time, we will proceed to properly and thoroughly validate your idea and to virtually and industrial prototyping it.  Your idea’s validation before fully developing and designing your prototype is important because, it can guide you to decide if your idea is worth turning into reality at all.

The results of validating your idea will confirm if that your idea is truly unique and that you can patent it for if not, you can be sued for Patent Infringement in the future.  It will also let you know if you have a market for your end product and that you can make profit from it.  These and many more useful information are what benefits you’d get with proper validation of your idea.  As you can see, the results if not favorable would have stopped you from pursuing your idea’s product design and development that is doomed from the start.  Hire us and let us cost effectively and realistically turn your idea into reality,  Contact Us



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