Industrial engineering (prototype idea) development services


Looking for affordable help to prototype your invention idea, design and develop it?

Have a great invention idea?  A new product innovation perhaps that you know for sure will be a huge success for it will definitely make a change on how the product is currently use and benefited from.  Need a trustworthy Idea into New Product Engineers that can cost effectively and methodologically bring your idea’s end product to reality?

Hire us now and we will immediately start by signing with you a full None Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  We will expertly assist in legally protecting your idea which will be amongst the foremost of priorities of your inventing process, alongside with Validating your IDEA.  Do not waste your idea, hire us so you won’t have to be guessing your every next steps.

In reality, many great ideas are wasted daily because of avoidable mistakes during the inventing process.  For newbie inventors, having to guess every next step can be fatal to their idea’s success for, one or more mistakes can be too expensive to be undone or need a lot of extra valuable time.  Many successful inventors who had already made profit from their invention ideas, will attest to the fact that if given the chance for them to have another idea to develop, they will never do it alone again but instead; seek professional patent and new product development services. There are many processes involved in turning ideas into reality and many more necessary steps (some need to be undertaken incrementally) in each process.  Without experience or professional help, one can waste more resources, money and time unnecessarily.

Hire us and let us, with our over 3 decades of successful Patent Registrations and New Product Development (NPD) here in Long Island-New York, strategically and cost effectively turn your ideas into reality.  We will responsibly sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you, a document which you must insist on having signed as well , if you speak with other NPD firms like us for your Intellectual Property (IP) protection.  Once you partner with us, will do our best to have your Idea’s IP legally protected and in doing so, by embarking on registering your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).  But since a PPA won’t mature into a patent, it is still very necessary to still file a Regular Patent or Non Provisional Patent Application (NPPA).

Although a PPA is only valid for twelve months, why it is the most often filed initially by NPD firms for their clients are: it requires lesser documentations and is cheaper to file.  A PPA will also establish your idea’s filing date and adequately provide you legal protection for your idea and prevent anyone from stealing or copying your idea.  Before proceeding or during your idea’s Virtual Prototyping, it is wise to Validate your Idea for it will, fully advise you if it’s really worth it to develop or turning into reality at all.

Your idea’s validation will also let us know if your idea has a market and if it will be profitable after all.  With a Patent Research with the USPTO, we will also be able to establish for you that your idea is unique and that you can have it legally patented without infringing on someone else’s existing patent.  Remember, just because you haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean it does not exist.  Patent Infringement Lawsuits are very expensive and lengthy and will make you lose all your hard work and spent monies.  Comprehensive Feasibility Studies which are processes and also part of your idea’s Validation, will be very useful to know the worthiness of your idea, once it successfully hits the market.

Your invaluable testing data gathered from your customers actual rigid tests of your various industrial prototypes will help us, your new product designers and development engineers to perfect your end product’s design and functionalities.  By the proper validation of your idea, we can realistically produce your idea’s future proofed and 100% profitable end product.  Don’t waste your idea, let us expertly bring your idea into reality, Contact Us

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