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we turn ideas into prototype reality

Do not waste your idea, talk to us.  Let us help you effectively protect your idea and bring your thoughts to life, transforming it into a 3D rendering image that our over experienced New Product Designers can view from all angles and quickly design and produce your first rapid prototype!

Established in Long Island, New York in the early 1990’s, we are a professional team of expert new product engineers providing realistic cost effective idea into new products engineering and USPTO patent protection services.  You won’t go wrong hiring us for we have hundreds of 100% satisfied customers since we started who are until now trusting and working with us, even if they are elsewhere other than NYC but far away from other states of the USofA.  You do not need to be next door with us for us to work efficiently with your idea, for with the advancement of modern communication technology, you’d be like in the same room  working with our production team too.

Hiring us for the prototyping of your idea, so as to responsibly not waste your money and time, we will immediately initiate protection of your idea in line with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) guidelines by starting with signing a full None-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.  Remember, do not unnecessarily tell anyone about your idea, specially to people you don’t know personally like NPD (New Product Development) firms like us too, for you can easily be rob of your idea. To legally start protecting your idea, we will file your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the USPTO which will establish your intellectual property’s earlier filing date and give you ample legal protection for 12 months.  Within 1 year of the validity of your PPA, you may use this time to to validate your idea and design and develop your first idea into product prototype.

Validating your idea is equally important with protecting your idea for your idea’s validation will let you fully decide if your idea is worth spending money and time to turning into reality.  How to validate your idea involves 3 main things which is:

1.  100% determine that your idea is really unique and don’t have any existing similarities in the USPTO by performing and exhaustive patent search.  This is to successfully avoid lawsuits for patent infringement.

2.  Perform a feasibility study to know and test your market.  It will be worthless if you have an excellent product but no one or not many wants to buy it at all.  If this happens, you won’t even be able to recover your investments.

3.  Find out from your hired idea into new product engineers, how much will your total costs for your new product prototype design and development be and will you be able to cheaply or competitively sell it in the market?  This will help you determine if you can solely fully support funding your idea’s product prototype development or need a partner.  Knowing your budget too for mass production will determine your end pricing, on whether you can competitively sell your item or it will be too expensive to sell at all.

Once you have satisfactorily legally protected your idea and completely validated it and determined your end product is highly feasible and profitable with a huge market demand, we may conveniently move to industrially design and manufacture your first rapid prototype.  With our over 30 years of successful NPD experience, we can  easily and technically identify the best raw materials (without compromising aesthetics and engineering functionality) for your end product, cost effectively cutting your raw material wastage on trial and error.

Let us realistically start turning your idea into your first new product prototype now, CONTACT US!

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