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Got a brilliant invention or product idea but not sure what steps to take next?  Look no further!  We are a premier product design and development company based in New York, dedicated to turning your ideas into reality.  Imagine the impact your groundbreaking idea could have on the world or how a new product could revolutionize the market.  But what’s the next move for your invention or product concept?  Look no further as we provide you with the essential steps to transform your invention ideas into a fully-fledged product.

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First and foremost, it’s crucial to safeguard your idea before sharing it with anyone or considering selling it.  Why is this important?  Without proper protection from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), your idea is vulnerable to theft and could be claimed by someone else as their own.  Applying for a patent may seem like a daunting process, which is why we recommend partnering with a professional product development and design firm like ours to guide you through the entire journey of securing your patent.


So, what are the key steps involved in applying for a patent with the USPTO and bringing your idea to life as a new product or invention?


1. Documentation:  Ensure you have a documented record of when you conceived your idea, along with a detailed description.  Maintaining an inventor’s journal, signed by a trusted witness, serves as crucial evidence of your idea’s originality and can be utilized in legal proceedings if needed.


2. Research:  Thorough research is essential to avoid investing significant time and resources into an idea that has already been patented.  Just because you haven’t come across your idea doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Conduct a comprehensive search to check for existing patents and also explore the market potential for your product.  Will people be willing to purchase it?  Is your pricing competitive compared to existing products in the same domain?  Diligent research prevents wasted efforts and financial setbacks.


3. Prototype Creation:  Before filing for a patent, ensure your product’s design and development are flawless by creating a prototype.  Identifying and rectifying any flaws at this stage is crucial, as it becomes more challenging to make changes once the patent is filed.  Remember, a new design can be patented, excluding any previous flaws.


4. Patent Filing:  Engaging a patent professional, such as our firm, ensures a thorough review of your patent application.  It’s vital to close any loopholes that could potentially enable others to copy your idea and claim it as their own.  Hiring a patent attorney or agent offers protection against future legal battles and safeguards your intellectual property.


5. Marketing and Sales:  If you have the necessary resources, manufacturing and marketing your product independently is advantageous.  However, if that’s not feasible, licensing your idea to receive royalties or selling it outright can also be profitable avenues to explore.


Ready to transform your idea into a reality?  Allow us to assist you in safeguarding your concept, creating your first prototype, guiding your product design and development and confidently filing your patent.  After securing your patent, our extensive network and experience can support you in mass production, licensing, or profitable product sales, both locally and internationally.

Ideas invention help NY new product engineering development


Need invention idea help prototype engineering NY services

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Need invention idea help prototype engineering NY services


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