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Are you in search of the best engineering firm in New York to create a product prototype for your idea or innovation concept?  Look no further!  We are a highly experienced engineering company, catering to prototyping needs across various industries.  With over three decades of expertise, we specialize in designing and developing new product prototypes, providing cost-effective solutions. Our proficiency extends to a wide range of raw materials, including aluminum, bronze, copper, iron, stainless steel, titanium, and more.  Additionally, we work with composites, foam, fabrics, rubber, plastics, and wood.

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When it comes to designing your idea’s first product prototype, it is crucial to follow essential steps.  Firstly, ensure the protection of your intellectual property by understanding what is acceptable according to the USPTOConduct a diligent search to identify any existing products similar to your idea to avoid potential patent infringement and costly lawsuits.  Remember, expenses incurred during the design and development phase can add up quickly.  Therefore, it’s wise to seek professional advice and guidance to navigate the process effectively.


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So, what exactly is a prototype?  It serves as a vital element in the journey from idea to reality.  A virtual prototype represents the three-dimensional version of your concept or vision.  By creating a prototype, you gain the ability to quickly and cost effectively identify flaws, refine functionality and enhance the overall design of your idea.  Only when you delve into the physical form of your concept can you truly understand the challenges and address functional issues. Our team of reliable and recognized engineers, alongside dedicated development and design professionals, will meticulously manage the entire prototype development process.


Ultimately, this will lead to a profitable and competitively priced end product. Don’t hesitatecontact us now and let us transform your idea into a fully realized prototype!

idea prototype engineering best new invention NY development


Prototype Idea Invention New Product Innovation Engineering

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Prototype Idea Invention New Product Innovation Engineering


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