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How to turn your idea into reality? How to protect, patent, validate and prototype your idea?

With over three decades of Patent and Industrial Engineering services experience here in Long Island-New York, we can expertly turn any unique invention or innovation ideas of inventors and companies into reality, wherever you are located in the United States.  Before we discuss your ideas, we will responsibly initiate to draft and sign a full binding None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.  This is a contract that you must also insist to sign with other New Product Development (NPD) firms like us, that you discuss your ideas with, as well.  Be advised and warned that your Intellectual Property (IP) can be easily stolen or copied from you so you must, from the beginning, wisely protect your idea.

If you have an idea, don’t waste it.  Without experience of turning ideas into reality, it is so easy to miss anyone of the many incremental steps of the inventing process and because of these, you may end up wasting avoidable unnecessary expenses and lost time.  Even many of our new customers who are experienced inventors and who have already successfully developed and sell their previous ideas swear, to never want to go through the whole inventing process alone again, without professional help.  Why?  Because a successful inventing process are a combination of other processes that are each completed by many incremental steps on their own.  Hiring an expert Patent and Industrial Engineering company like us here in New York, will give you a great advantage of not having to guess every next steps of your idea’s journey into reality.  

To successfully prototype your idea into future proofed and 100% sellable end product, we will be methodologically following incremental steps and strategies known as Evolutionary Product Development (EPD).  This proven techniques will greatly reduce your risks, minimize overall costs, unnecessary expenses and eliminate wasted time.  We will start by effectively legally protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) and we do this by immediately filing your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) and thereafter your Design Patent Application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).  You should file both patents for they have different purposes of what to protect.  A design patent will not protect your invention idea’s functionality.

A PPA is valid for only twelve months and will establish your idea’s earlier filing date that will, give you priority once you file your Utility or Regular Patent before its expires.  A PPA will delay your idea’s examination date until you file your regular patent which will than, be set and scheduled from 18 months unless you opt to file for an Expedited Examination that will than, get your patent application examined from 4 – 6 months.  So why file for a PPA rather than Regular Patent instead?  The reason is because a PPA will quickly protect your intellectual  Property and is very much cheaper to file than a Utility or Regular Patent Application and also requires less documentations as well.  

During its one year validity, we can than proceed to safely Validate your Idea and into Virtual and Industrial Prototyping it which will, be useful and be in support of your Regular Patent Application.  As your trusted adviser and partner for the smooth transition of your idea into a real quality end product, we will guide and assist you in Validating your Idea so you won’t have regrets in the end.  Your effective idea’s validation will properly inform you of your idea’s worthiness in turning it into reality and find out if your idea has a market to sell to as well.  It will also, through the validation process of performing a Patent Research with the USPTO, establish the fact that your idea is indeed unique and that you can own and patent it.  The latter is very important for this will prevent you from infringing on someone else’s registered patent.

Start turning your idea into reality, hire us now and let us cost effectively and realistically bring your idea into life,  Contact Us!

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