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Helping inventors turn ideas into reality

Here in Long Island-New York, we can help you realistically design and develop your new product prototype and engineer it to a 100% successfully profitable end product.  No matter where you are in the United States, we can work with you just as if you are next door to us, with the advancement of social media communications. We are committed to our customers’ 100% satisfaction and long term business relationship by: prototyping your idea cost effectively, help your validate your idea and legally help your protect your Intellectual Property. 

Great, you have a new idea for a new invention or innovation don’t waste it.  If you have gone through the process of making a product from thoughts before, you will have now realized the importance of getting or hiring the help and assistance of an Idea into New Product Engineering Company.  Having gone through the process, even with the so many articles you can find online on DIY (do it yourself) blogs or tutorials, you will have realized it is not always enough and there are often steps that need to be done incrementally and the results of not doing so would have led catastrophically.

Before starting to embark on fully dedicating yourself, your time and money into designing your new product prototype, your idea’s protection and validation are the most crucial steps.  These steps are essential for if not done properly or not at all because the consequences can mean prolonging the time of your prototype’s development, wasting or incurring additional expenses and worse if you get sued Patent infringement.  Among the validation process is to determine that your idea is truly unique by, researching registered Patents with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) because it is illegal to infringe on someone else’s patent and the Patent lawsuits are very expensive and costly.

Validating your idea is crucial and should be done with protecting your idea legally in mind.  Remember, your idea can be easily copied and it is best to protect it properly from the beginning and you should start by not telling anyone unnecessarily about it, no matter how close they are to you.  Make sure to keep aside and save documents and any progress you do, about your idea.  Your drafts or rough sketches will be very important to prove your originally owning your idea, should you need to defend or prove ownership with the USPTO.  If you hire us, we will immediately and responsibly sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you and as soon as possible, help you file your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the USPTO. 

Getting a PPA is essential for it can legally protect your Intellectual Property for a year during which, you may proceed on prototyping your idea and validating it.  The PPA which requires less formality and documentations however, won’t mature into a patent so filing for a Regular Patent or None Provisional Patent is still necessary.  

The faster you finish producing your end product from industrial prototype is better and means the quicker you’d get your investments back and make start making profit. Hiring a trusted and reliable professional idea into new product engineering firm like us here in New York will ensure smoothness in your idea’s invention process, minimize costs and reduce time.  Let us efficiently help you design, develop and engineer your idea, Contact Us

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