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Great!  You have a new product innovation idea or perhaps a brand new invention and you need help on how to proceed or what to do next?  First, hiring an experienced and expert New Product Development (NPD) company if this is your first time, is definitely a good idea.  Even experienced inventors who have managed to produce and sell their idea on their own and has since hired us, for their next inventions or product innovations swear that they’d never want to go through the whole inventing process alone and without professional help, again.  Why they said is because, they realized too late that they had to guess so many of the next steps, resulting in loss of time and spending unnecessarily going over their budget.

Before discussing your invention idea in detail, we will draft a NDA (None Disclosure Agreement) and sign it with you which is, a document you should also insist in signing with other Patent and Industrial Engineering Firms you speak with about your idea.    You should be already aware that your idea can be easily stolen or copied from you and if you are not careful, someone can beat you into patenting it.  Trusting us, we shall immediately proceed to filing and registering your idea’s Provisional Patent Application (PPA) which should, amply protect your Intellectual Property (IP) for a year.

Before proceeding to fully prototyping your idea, as experts and with decades of experience in turning ideas into reality,  we will naturally look out for your best interests as an inventor or product innovator.  To ensure your idea’s smooth transition from your thoughts to a 100% successful and highly profitable end product, we will be following proven essential strategies and incremental steps known as, Evolutionary Product Development (EPD) to reduce risks, minimize overall costs, unnecessary expenses and wasted time.  Foremost of these steps are the immediate Protection of Your Idea and its thorough Validation.  Failing to do any of the two steps properly can result to unnecessary losses and worst, wasting your idea and all your hard work and monies spent.

Virtual Prototyping is the first stage of your idea’s inventing process where, your thoughts are transformed from your verbal description or rough drafts into a rendering 3D computer graphics imagery.  This virtual prototype of your idea will allow our New Product Design Engineers to enhance, easily view and rotate your idea in all angles thereby, hastening the perfection of the design phase, before your idea is rapid prototyped in its physical form.  Before fully engaging in the design of your virtual prototype, it is best to commence the many steps of your idea’s validation process.  Why is because in validating your idea, the following are most essentially needed to be done soonest:

1.   Need to extensively perform a USPTO Patent Research, to establish the fact that your idea is truly unique that is, to avoid any future Patent Infringement Lawsuits.  Remember, just because you’ve not heard of it, it  does not mean it doesn’t exist. 

2.  Conduct Feasibility Studies to make sure your idea has a market to sell too. 

3.  Know from your NPD engineers (us), how much is your estimated or projected new product development costs as well as mass production costs of your end product, for its sale to the wholesale and retail market.  The latter will help you to determine if after turning your idea into reality, you can make a profit from your end product and know if it will be competitively priced.    

From the above, this three validation steps obviously are very critical to helping you decide and is self explanatory in determining if, your idea is really worth turning into reality.  Any of the three, if the answer is negative means it is useless, unless properly addressed and if can’t be, there is no point in proceeding with the inventing process at all.  Trusting us, you have our 100% commitment and will to make your idea truly and realistically become a reality.  Don’t waste your idea, let us partner with you or your team and turn your invention into a highly profitable and future proofed end product.  Hire Us!

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