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If you have an idea and you want to turn it into reality but don’t know what to do next, contact us.  Why is because without experience, you’d be likely to be guessing your every next step of the inventing process.  Doing so, you’d be likely to increase your risks and unnecessarily wasting time and more money.  To guarantee your 100% cost effective inventing success, hire us.     


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idea help engineer invention patent design develop prototype


Searching for an engineering partner for your invention idea, their experience and costs of services will be factors.  Having searched for a while now, you’d have realized that professional ideas into new product services don’t come cheap.  Based here in Long Island-New York, we offer a one stop shop for all your inventing needs.  We provide new product prototype, patent and validation services.  


Long Island New York ideas into new product help engineering prototype services


New York Invention Ideas into New Product Help and Services


For over thirty years, we have served inventors and companies from all over the United States.  No project is too small or large for us and we can expertly work within your budget and time.   Working with us in prototyping your idea, we’d also help patent your intellectual property and have it validated.  Your idea’s validation is important because it will let you know beforehand if your idea is feasible and worthwhile to turn into reality. 



Protecting your idea is very important and owning a patent offers you the government’s protection for your intellectual property.  In good faith, we’d responsibly sign a legally binding None-Disclosure Agreement before listening to your ideas.  Remember to sign the same contract with any firms you speak with about your invention or innovation ideas.  Don’t waste your ideas, hire us now and together let’s begin turning your thoughts into realityContact Us!    

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