Conceptualizing Designing & Engineering
In product development, 3D computer modeling of prototypes is essential in demonstrating design effectiveness. Models can be animated – reflecting actual and real-time part and full-assembly movements allowing designers to closely tweak, make adjustments and fine tune a prototype before it is submitted for production. This allows for lower production costs and shorter development time.

3D modeling can also be used in expertly replicating forensic specifications for courtroom trial exhibits. This makes presenting evidence simpler and more flexible to view from several dimensions.

Testing and Patenting

Alternatively, Patenting Process of your product & if you choose can be initiated once a firm foundation for your product’s functionality has been established. This comes initially from the Industrial Design; (establishing unique Form & Function)! With this & In other words, your Intellectual Protection can be placed in Front OF The PTO while full Engineering is completed.

Developing and Tooling

Functional proofing and engineering makes it possible for our clients to visualize the aesthetics and to test the functionality of a prototype through 3D modeling. Product tooling would not be necessary until the final prototype has been thoroughly analyzed and aptly verified. Developing your concept & product in a three dimensional environment saves you time as well as spares you from extensive costs in initial tooling for production samples & in testing of actual production-ready prototypes.

New Ideas Developed

When you have a new idea for a product that would be beneficial in making work less stressful or to help expedite a person’s time more efficiently, then come to us with your New Idea as we will utilize the latest technologies to Develop & produce your Idea.

New Concepts Designed & Engineered

Come and have your New Concept, Designed and Engineered at Advance Graphics Design & Development Corp. Your New Concept can be made into a reality. Your new concept can possibly make many very happy as it would make their everyday lives run smoother. We utilize many of the known technologies along with developing our own to make your Concept a real end product.

New Product Design & Development Firm Located in Long Island

We are a Long Island New York based firm for all your New Products Design & Development needs. Turn Key Product Design & Development, your one stop Firm for succeeding and accomplishing everything necessary to bring your Product into fruition.

New Product Engineering for Cost Effective Manufacturing Tooling

Your New Product’s tooling will require valid Engineering for developing cost effective production & manufacturing parts, With this, your window of product profitability & margins will reap their highest returns.

Intellectual Protection with our United States Patent & Trademark Office

Making Your Product Unique In Front of the PTO and assisting with your Intellectual Protection Assistance with Patent Processing: Patent Searches, Patent Filing, Provisional Filing, Utility Filing, Method’s Filing, Design Filing, along with Trademarks & Copyrights.

Our Tribute
This is our tribute to the lives lost on 9/11.
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