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Looking for a Prototype engineering, design and development services company here in New York

Industrial Prototyping is the effective means of cutting your inventing expenses and hastening the design and development of your idea into its physical form.  The first step is to transform your new invention idea into a virtual prototype using the latest computer graphics technology.  This is where your idea is produced in a 3D rendering image that we, your new product designers can visualize and rotate in all angles, hastening the design phase and quickening your rapid industrial prototyping. 

With our  help, you won’t have to guess the every next steps of your idea’s inventing process.  Here in New York,  no matter where you are located in the United States, we offer probably one of the most trusted and affordable idea into new product patent and industrial engineering services.  Do not waste your idea.

Wherever you are in the USofA, we can cost effectively and successfully work with you just as if you are next door to us.  If you decide to hire is, we will of course immediately responsibly sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or contract with you.  Be advised that your idea can be easily copied and stolen from you so, if you do speak with any other patent or industrial engineering companies like us, make sure to ask to sign a legally binding NDA for your Intellectual Property (IP).

Before you fully spend time and money on prototyping your invention idea, you must properly Validate and work on effectively Legally Protecting your Intellectual Property.  Working with you or your company’s R&D (Research and Development) Team, we will commence the filing and registration of your  Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).  To fully protect your Intellectual Property, you must focus on obtaining a USPTO Patent for your idea and that is to still file a Regular Patent Application.  This is because a PPA will not mature to patent and is also valid for twelve months.  You must still work on filing a Regular Patent Application or None Provisional Patent (NPPA) to enjoy the full benefits of having a patent product.  The reason a PPA is usually filed first is to be able to register your idea’s earlier filing date and ensure your idea has immediate ample legal protection.  A PPA is also more cheaper to file compared to a NPPA and is a faster IP protection for it requires less documentation and formalities.  

During its one year of validation, we may now wisely use this time to properly Validate your Idea and begin your idea’s virtual prototyping design and development before the Manufacturing (MFG) of your first rapid industrial prototype.  Validating your Idea are a combination of many processes that include various incremental steps to ensure the 100% smooth and successful outcome of your end product.  These steps include finding out if your idea is truly unique by, performing an extensive Patent Research with the USPTO, to free you from any future Patent Infringement Lawsuits.  We will also perform Feasibility Studies that establishes the fact that your idea will have a market to sell to, once your end product is sold on retail and the data gathered herein from the numerous customer prototype testing, will guide the perfection of your idea’s design and functionalities.

Hire us now and let us start helping you in legally protect and validating your idea and commencing in turning your thoughts into the most affordable and cost effective way into reality,  Contact Us!

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