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Here in New York, we help turn great invention ideas into reality!

Daily. we almost get the same questions from inventors that is, “What do you think, will it make me rich?”  Many of these unique invention ideas are indeed great and just thinking about it, one would really be easily forgiven to get hyped up and excited of the many successful possibilities should these ideas become reality.  However since we are asked the question and having over 3 decades of invaluable idea into new product experience, professionally we have to advise and lay out the essential steps of the inventing process for utmost success of one’s invention.  If you have a great new idea for a product innovation or a totally new invention, Don’t Waste It, hire our expert idea into new product patent and industrial engineering services here in Long Island-New York wherever you are in the United States.

For your idea to be a real success, you should find out all the essential steps of the inventing process such as legally protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) and specially Validating your Idea itself.  You must protect your idea for it can be easily stolen from you and if it does happen, you may instead be fighting a Patent Infringement Lawsuit against you for your own idea.  For starters make sure you have kept safe any drafts or documentations and even the rough prototypes you may have created in visualizing your idea for they will be, very handy in proving with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), your original ownership of your intellectual property.

If you decide to engage our patent and idea into new product design and development engineering services, we will responsibly sign a full None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you, before we discuss your invention idea.  A NDA is for your IP protection and one that you must also seek to sign, with other New Product Development (NPD) companies that you decide to speak with, about your invention idea.  Once we are working with you to turn your idea into reality, legally protecting your IP will be one of our first priority.  We will proceed to filing your idea’s Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the USPTO which is, the quickest way to reliably  and legally protect your idea.

Compared to a Regular Patent Application or Non Provisional Patent Application (NPPA), a PPA will establish your idea’s earlier filing date and is much more cheaper to register and also faster to file, because of less formality and documentation requirements.  However, a PPA will not mature into a patent and will also expire in one year so, you must still work on filing your NPPA.  During its 12 months validity, we will start validating your idea and commence its virtual prototyping.  Validating your idea is an absolute necessity for it will let you know amongst its many steps if, your idea is indeed unique in the USPTO Patent Registry and that, you can get a Patent for it and avoid any future Patent Infringement Lawsuits.

We will also professionally perform feasibility studies as part of the validation process in which, we will test your various new product prototypes in the market to find out if, you have customers to sell to and get their valuable input on product feedback.  Validating your idea is just as important as protecting it for it will dictate your end product’s successful outcome and profitability.  The latter processes should be done in incremental steps prior to fully committing on prototyping your idea so as not to waste time and money, should you realize for example that, your idea is not unique at all or your end product will be too costly to mass produce, so selling it profitably will be impossible.    

Hiring us, we will ensure your idea is not wasted and will make sure to give you a cost effective and future proofed 100% profitable end product, Contact Us




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