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We have over 3 decades of new product idea inventions and innovations industrial prototype design and development engineering and even helped many bring their successful end products profitably into market.   If you have a great unique idea, don’t waste it!  Hiring an expert New Product Development (NPD) firm like us, ensures your idea’s realistic cost effective inventing process where, your expenses and costs are minimized, risks greatly reduced and wasted time lessened.  With our help, we will professionally assist in legally protecting your idea and perform the necessary validation process to ensure your idea’s finish product do not infringe on anyone else’s patent and confirm your idea has a market and that it’s worthwhile to turn into reality!


A prototype is an important process in turning your idea into reality for its creation from a thought of an idea transformed into physical form, enables an inventor or NPD engineers to quickly find flaws in its design and functions and thereafter cheaply make modifications and perfect it.  Because it is a prototype, cheaper alternative materials may be used in its earlier stages allowing cost effective engineering and development in the stages of prototyping.  These developmental prototypes are tested in the market by end users to its limits, allowing for a finished product’s 100% expectations of acceptability and profitability, once it’s final end products are sold in the market.

There are a lot of necessary processes an idea must undergo in its journey into reality and amongst them is ensuring it is legally protected and validated.  By being protected, you are ensured that no one can copy your idea.  Should you hire us, we will sign a None-Disclosure Agreement with you and initiate legally protecting your idea by filing and registering your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  This PPA is valid for 12 months and can give you ample legal protection for your Intellectual Property (IP) and in this one year of its validity, you may proceed to validating your idea and start designing and developing its prototype.

Like protecting your idea, validating it is also a critical process for it will ensure you are free from any future legal problems and it will also properly guide you to decide on whether turning your idea into reality is worth it at all.  Three of the most important validation processes are:

1. Performing a thorough Patent Research with the USPTO to establish that your idea is truly unique for, it will be a real disaster if after spending so much and taking so much time and in the end, you find out your idea is not an original and you have illegally infringed someone else’s registered patent with the USPTO.  If this unfortunately happens, you will outright lose all hard work you’ve done and waste all money already spent and possibly face a very expensive Patent Infringement lawsuit as well.   Hiring us, we will thoroughly research the USPTO Patent Registry and confidently advise you if your idea is truly unique or not or, if there are indeed similarities; we can expertly advise you on legal alternatives that is possible to continue in turning your idea into reality.

2. Conduct a Product feasibility study of your idea’s market and profitability and be logically guided on determining if, fully committing to turning your idea into reality is, worthwhile.  During the stages of your prototyping we will conduct market testing of your prototypes with your end users allowing them to test its limits and gain their very valuable feedback, to guide us in finalizing your idea’s end product’s engineering, design and development.  As a results, we will be guaranteed your end product will, have a profitable market and product acceptability.   

3. How much total will it Cost to turn your idea into reality?   You must know this beforehand, before fulling committing funds to your idea’s prototyping for what if,   you started designing and developing your prototype and realized your money isn’t enough?  We as your hired NPD partner, will expertly quote and advise you realistic estimates on the possible total costs of your idea’s inventing process.  Should it be too much, we can with our decades of experience and popularity, help you find a financial partner or buyer for your idea.

These 3 are just one of the many essential steps of your idea’s inventing process but really, there are so much to be done and, depending on your idea, some can take months to years to finish successfully.  It can easily become costly if expensive mistakes are made and worse if they are irreversible and going back to preliminary stages are the best options.  If you hire us, with our expertise, we can reliably and professionally guide you into not guessing every next step of your inventing process.  Let us help realistically turn your your idea into reality.  CONTACT US now!

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