have new product idea invention innovation prototype design engineering NYC


have new product idea invention innovation prototype design engineering NYC


Blessed with a great idea for a new product, an invention or imply an innovation of a product we commonly use daily and you know it can make a big impact on how everyone or we use this and be a game changer.  Like most inventors, are you thinking of what to do next with your idea for you want to be certain your efforts are all worth it with no steps taken being wasted.  You may always work on your own specially if you have a fair or even wide knowledge and background of what your invention is which you should but, if you are inexperienced and this is your first invention, you may miss out on some essential steps necessary for your idea to become a reality. 


We are a Long Island-New York based idea into new product engineering company and we provide full rapid prototyping, design and development services here in NYC or wherever you are in the United States.  Should you hire us, enumerated below are some of what we will professionally do for you:


1.  Protect your Idea.   Of all the essential steps, protecting your idea is the most crucial for even if you have already finished your end product but you don’t have a patent for it and worst, you find out someone has filed a lawsuit against you for breaching their patent, than you have just wasted your monies spent and time.  With our 2 decades of successfully applied and granted patents,  we will make sure to help to immediately protect your idea and your intellectual property (IP) with the USPTO.  we will sign a full none disclosure agreement with you to initiate that protection and start the documentation too of your idea.  Our Patent team will perform a diligent patent research to ensure your idea is indeed unique and we can immediately file a provisional patent for you.    

best affordable have new product idea prototype engineering development company New York


2.   Validate your idea.  Not all inventions or new product innovations become a success, so your idea’s validation must come first before you start spending money on designing and prototype development in order to determine the outcome of your idea’s profitability and market acceptability, once it hits the retail shelves.  To not waste time and money, we can help perform feasibility studies that will help validate your idea’s promise of success and work out or create formulas to make it really successful.     


3.  Look for Cost Effective Product Design, Engineering and Development.  After your idea’s validation, the  next step to find a really good and better the best idea into product engineering company here in New York to help turn your idea into reality.  If you are not near our office, do not worry most of our clients are also far away from us too and are scattered all over the USofA.  We offer very affordable cost effective, quality and future proofed prototype design and development for any idea into product requirements.  We will aim for your end products cheaper mass production using the best possible raw materials to ensure your product once it hits the market, can be priced competitively and cheaper if possible.  Contact Us now and let us start helping you turn your ideas into reality! 
new product idea engineering innovation invention prototyping services New York NYC

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