Electro-Mechanical MFG Development Services best idea product engineering

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Electro-Mechanical MFG Development Services best idea product engineering

AGD&D Corp will accommodate you and your project, be it large, small or anywhere in-between and help you to analyze your product’s real market potential.  By this, we mean “identify” your new idea’s feasibility: Methods for deriving plausible solutions for functionalities and just how your invention might work in normal daily usage and activities.  The product’s manufacturability is critical and is an important factor to your profit margin and will be determined by up front engineering efforts to determine how difficult it will be to produce.  We have the ability to run our own testing for concepts that require any condition of specifications set forth by the audience intended for.


Our abilities and expertise has helped design & engineer various Electro-Mechanical products from monitoring N20 to dialing area codes automatically.  Our techniques for interfacing mechanical advantages with electronically driven controls and their embedded systems are unsurpassed in the commercial industries.  We at Advance Graphics Design & Development Corporation are additionally well equipped to fully engineer & program embedded systems that require robotic control and automation of varying products and their associated functions.

Electro-Mechanical MFG Development Service

We have and can specialize in Electrically Controlled Systems & Products along with following all allowed by law, guidelines for OSHA, NSF, ASTM, ANSI , CPS , ICP and so on…  We strictly adhered to these organizations for Global public health and safety protocol, be them national and international.  Our primary concern is safety for all;  from production manufacturing to the end product be it a child’s toy or new kitchen toaster, we make certain our products are of quality and not dangerous in any manner, if used appropriately.  Our team of technical writers will also generate the correct verbiage for labeling proper instructions on just how to assemble and operate an end product produced by our firm.


When you let our expert team of professionals assist you with your new product’s mfg. & development services, be them purely mechanical, electrical or any combination thereof, you will not go away unhappy.  That is our personal promise and We are committed and will make certain of that!  CONTACT US.


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