CoronaVirus COVID-19 new product prototype engineering firm


Do you need a prototype design and development engineering company for your Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) new product invention here in New York?

Wondering how to quickly bring your unique new product invention or innovation for the fight, cure or prevention of the dreaded Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)?  Do you have a new product invention idea for a respiratory, ventilator, virus test kit or face mask?  Need an affordable, trusted, guaranteed and fast idea into new product design, development engineering company to bring your thoughts into reality?  Wherever you are in the United States, we can help bring your ideas into life cost effectively and realistically just as if, you are located next door to us here in New York!  

Hiring us, we shall ensure the fast design and development of your idea’s prototype to quickly, bring your invention idea’s end product to market.  With our help, you won’t have to be guessing every next steps of the inventing process, effectively avoiding wasted time, reducing risks, minimizing overall costs and unnecessary expenses.  In hastening the development and design of your idea’s end product, it is also very necessary that we help in reducing yours risk and future problems by professionally Protecting your Idea and Validating it.  Engaging our idea into new product Patent and Engineering services, we shall responsibly sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you. 

We will also proceed to immediately assisting in legally protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) by registering your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) and Design Patent, with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).  Both patents are necessarily filed because, they each serve different purposes.  A Provisional Patent Application is favorably filed before a Regular or Utility Patent because, the PPA requires less formalities and documentations and is also much cheaper to file.  It will establish your earlier filing date and delay your Patent Application’s examination for a year or, until you are ready to register your Utility or Regular Patent Application.  While starting your idea’s virtual and industrial prototyping, it is very critical that we are also thoroughly validating your idea at the same time.    

Your Idea’s Validation is an important part of the inventing process that you mush consider to be of utmost importance and priority.  In validating your idea, you will realize and be guided if your idea is indeed worthwhile to develop.  You will know if it can be patented and does not breach any existing patent registered with the USPTO and that, your idea has a market to sell to and if it will be profitable at all.  If your idea is not validated, all yours and our hard work as well as your spent monies, may just be wasted should any future problems arise.

Based here in Long Island-New York, we have over 3 decades of successful new product patent and design engineering experience.  Don’t waste your idea!  The sooner it reaches and get sold in the market, the faster you can help relieve the world of the devastating pandemic affect of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.  Contact Us!

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