Corona Virus prototype industrial product design development


Looking for an Industrial Prototype Engineering company here in New York for your Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) new product invention?

Great!  Do you have a potentially life saving new product invention to aid in the fight against the dreaded Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) worldwide pandemic?  Need help in advancing your idea and of how to patent and prototype it?  Want to know how to successfully legally protect your idea with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)?  Curious on what type of patent you should file to effectively protect your Intellectual Property (IP)?  

Here in New York-USofA, we probably are one of the best, trusted, reliable and most affordable idea into new product design, development and engineering firm.  Based in Long Island-New York, we can cost effectively work with you or your Research and Development (R&D) team just as if you are located next door to us, no matter where you are located in the United States.  Your idea if it can help alleviate the problems of the CoronaVirus Pandemic, will be much better if it’s turned quickly into reality.  With our professional decades of New Product Development (NPD) experience, we can help you to avoid having to guess every next steps of the inventing process.

Trusting and hiring us, we shall responsibly draft and sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.  To protect your intellectual property, you must ask to sign a NDA with any other NPD firms like us, that you speak with about your idea as well.  Your idea can be easily stolen and copied from you and because of this, you should have started protecting your idea from the beginning by safekeeping all documents, drawings and even rough prototypes that you may have made, in visualizing your idea.  These will be very important and acceptable proof of your idea’s ownership, should it be asked from you by the USPTO.

To quickly legally protect your idea, we shall assist in registering your Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the USPTO as soon as possible.  Compared to a Regular or Utility Patent, a PPA is better to file first because it is less expensive, requires less documentations and formalities.  It will also delay your idea’s examination for at least a year during its validity and establish your idea’s early filing date.  Because a Provisional Patent Application will not mature into a patent, a Utility Patent must still be filed within 12 months, so you do not lose your priority date given with the PPA.

During your PPA’s 1 year validity, we can help in fully Validating your Idea and proceeding to develop and design your industrial prototype.  A PPA will only protect your invention idea’s functions and mechanisms and to protect it’s aesthetics or visual properties, you should file a Design Patent which is valid for 14 years.  There are different Patents that can be filed with the USPTO that caters for different purposes and one must be fully aware of the correct patent to file.  You may file different patents at the same time, for each patent do have different purposes.

Committed to your idea’s ultimate end product success, we will insist on validating your idea before we fully proceed to your idea’s virtual and industrial prototyping.  Doing so, we can probably help in your avoiding to waste money and time if it turns out after validation that, your idea can’t be turned into reality at all because:

1.  Your end product doesn’t have a market to sell to.

2.  Your idea has a similar registered patent with the USPTO.

3.  Your end product will be too expensive to mass produce and to sell competitively.

From the above it is clear that validating your idea before prototyping it, is indeed logical for you to be guided properly, if it’s really worth to turn your idea into reality.  Do not waste your idea.  Hire us and we shall professionally protect, validate and prototype your idea so that, your end product is delivered and finished in time, future proofed and guaranteed to be 100% profitable.  CONTACT US!

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