best top trusted affordable Rapid Prototyping for​ MFG Development New York

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best top trusted affordable Rapid Prototyping for​ MFG Development New York


AGD&D Corp requires providing a proof of design in their design efforts which​ is typically called a “Prototype and this is automatically incorporated as one of our main, though of many phases in any product design-development project.  This additionally pans out in proving our efforts for you in your product’s developmental test module​ which​ is an important aspect of any new product, to inspect the initial functionality along with its form, fit and real time viewing ​wherein​ holding and physically feeling an actual object is worth a 1000 words to coin a phrase!


Our industrial design & engineering leads us to fabricating this initial test module​, ​which effectively provides further direction as described so initially​,​ not to incur real tooling costs.  Once this phase is accomplished and proven, then we can more reasonably move into the production tooling.  We can design your tooling to produce low-med to ​high production runs​, which is ​of course the higher the run, the more involved for tooling and the less you pay for mfg. costs.

Rapid Prototyping for​ MFG Development affordable Service New York Long Island


Low production runs are sometimes necessary to produce​ testing samplings for the market in order to review and provide critical feedback.  This sampling feedback​s​ are​ indispensable in correcting anomalies inherent with the tool design​, for these same anomalies can only be determined with live interaction from real consumers.  But in the end, once these bugs are tuned and tweaked further by feedback from our production testing run, we can move into medium to high and cost effective production runs​ which​ open​s​ a much greater window of profit margin for you in the end​ that​ is usually accomplished once all bugs have been tuned and tweak to get your product as close as possible to perfection.  This can be a long and tedious process so​ why not let a professional team such as AGD&D Corp assist you through your invention’s inception right through to its final maturity.

Prototypes are essential and can prove invaluable in any new idea’s design engineering and development​ and t​here are usually various steps and reasons for different types of prototypes to be fabricated as one explained above.  Another is for Tooled & Finished Product Ready Samplings which usually comes from Real Production Tooling in delivering a fully finished & engineered end product. CONTACT US.


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