Best prototype design development engineering (idea patent)

After determining that your invention idea has tremendous potentiality, you may be wondering now on what is the next best step.  There are many processes and necessary incremental steps in transforming your ideas into reality.  Without inventing experience, guessing your next steps will increase your risks of wasting your ideas.  Why is because you’d be incurring unnecessary expenses, additional time and worst, finding out in the end that someone already owns a patent for your ideas.     


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Just because you haven’t heard or seen a product doesn’t mean it don’t exist.  It’d be horribly sad and a total waste if after inventing your product and being able to market and sell it, you’d find out too late that someone has a patent for it.  You’d lose all your hard work, money and time spent and worst if you’re serve with a patent lawsuit.  Should you hire us, we’d ensure to expertly validate your ideas to avoid future problems for you. 

In Long Island, NY  we offer a one stop shop for inventors all over the United States.  We offer trusted and reliable new product design, engineering and USPTO patent application services plus many more.  We’ll sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with you before listening to your ideas should contact us.  With our help, we’ll guarantee your 100% success and your end product’s marketability, profitability and fast return of investment.


Best prototype design development engineering (idea patent)


Best Looking Idea Invention Prototype Engineering Services NY


Hire us for:
1. Patents and Trademarks.
2. Invention Idea Validation.
3. New Product Prototype Design & Development Engineering.
4. New Product Packaging, Labelling, Marketing and Advertising.
5. Expert New Invention Idea Advises and Consultation.
6. +++ many more. For whatever ideas into new product concerns you have,  CONTACT Us!

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