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I’m looking for the best rapid prototype engineering firm in New York!  A company with good success history as well as high recommendations from their past clients.  I want to obtain the services of the best patent and new product development firm with the right methods and tools who can, provide very affordable, fast and cost effective end products.  I need a reliable partner who can ensure my end product’s 100% marketable and profitable success with guaranteed fast return of investment (ROI) ” – Rachelle H. -Inventor.


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AGDE is a turnkey IDEA into new product engineering firm here in Long Island, New York.  We have over three decades of new product design and engineering experience serving inventors and companies from allover the USofA.  We are a one stop shop in turning great ideas into reality.  We serve any industry no matter how small or big the project is wherever you are in the United States.

Contact Us and let us help validate and transform your ideas into prototype, file all your necessary USPTO patent applications plus many more.


Best New York prototype engineering idea patent services NY


Long Island NY Best Invention Idea New Product Prototype Engineering Services

Hire us for:
1. Patents and Trademarks.
2. Invention Idea Validation.
3. New Product Prototype Design & Development Engineering.
4. New Product Packaging, Labelling, Marketing and Advertising.
5. Expert New Invention Idea Advises and Consultation.
6. +++ many more. For whatever ideas into new product concerns you have,  CONTACT Us!

Long Island best idea inventon new product engineering


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