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Need an MFG (manufacturing) engineering to assist in turning your invention idea into reality?  Based and established here in Long Island-New York in the early 1990’s, we have over 30 years of invaluable successful NPD (New Product Development) experience to guarantee our excellent results should you hire us wherever you are in the United States.  We will professionally help in legally protecting your idea, validating and cost effectively prototyping it.

First if you come to us and consult about your new invention idea or an innovation for a product, we shall immediately draft and sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you.  This is in good faith for the protection of your Intellectual Property (IP) and is a contract any responsible NPD patent and engineering firms like us should initiate to sign with you as well, with whom you speak about your ideas too.  Importantly, you must initially know how to protect your idea because it can be stolen or copied from you easily.  Even if you finish turning your idea into reality, all your hard work and spent monies will just be wasted and be useless if it turns out someone has already patented it.

Trusting and hiring us, we shall immediately commence the legal protection of your Intellectual Property and will file your idea’s Provisional Patent Application (PPA) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as soon as possible.  This PPA shall establish your IP’s earlier filing date and will be valid for twelve months and which shall be enough for us to commence Virtual Prototyping your idea and Validating it.  However a PPA shall not prosper into a Patent so we will still be aiming and planning to file your idea’s Regular Patent Application or Non Provisional Patent Application (NPPA), to be able to enjoy the full benefits of a patented product.  The reason a PPA is most chosen to be filed first is because, unlike a Regular Patent Application, it gives faster legal protection for your idea for its requires less formalities and  documentations and is also cheaper to to file.

Prototyping is the cost effective way of designing and developing your idea into a sellable end product and professional help, depending on your idea’s requirements, is often very expensive. To avoid regrets and not to unnecessarily waste money and time, we shall be methodologically assisting you in your idea’s overall inventing process.  Your Idea’s Validation should be a priority alongside your IP protection, before fully dedicating your money, time and resources into your idea’s prototyping because, it will establish for a fact if your idea is worth it to be turned into reality at all.

In validating your idea, we shall be:

1.  Performing a Patent Research with the USPTO to determine if your idea is indeed unique without any similarities with any other registered patents.  Developing and profiting from someone’s registered patent is illegal and can cause your to be sued with a very expensive Patent Infringement Lawsuit.  The faster you know that your idea is unique and that you can have it patented is better rather than, having to spend so much and later realize to late that you can’t sell your end product.

2.  Conducting various Feasibility Studies and Prototype Market Testing to find out amongst many things, if your idea has a market to sell to and how profitable it can be.  Clearly the latter is self explanatory on why this validation step is very important to be done before deciding to prototype your idea is because, there is no logical reason to turn your idea into reality if you know there is no market for you to sell to.

3.  Determining how much is the estimated new product design and development costs of your idea and if it will be competitively priced in wholesale or retail after mass production.  If you know your end product is too expensive to sell in retail, because of your expensive mass production or capital costs, again you are saved from wasting time and money before proceeding with your inventing process.

As you can see, hiring an expert idea into new product engineering company like us is truly beneficial because, asides from your avoiding to guess every next steps, we can really help to give you the best decisions about your idea and effortlessly turn it into reality,  Contact Us


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