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Here in Long Island, New York with over three decades of idea into new product engineering and design experience, we offer a total complete all in-house solutions for turning your unique ideas for invention or new product innovations into reality.  We will expertly assist and help in protecting your intellectual property and professionally validate your ideas and expertly design and develop your first industrial rapid prototype.  Like many of our existing customers since we started business in the early 1990’s, you can be located anywhere in the United States but work with us successfully still, like you are located next door to us.  Hiring us, we will ensure your end product can be cost effectively mass produced, future proofed, priced competitively and be 100% profitable for faster ROI or return of investments.

If you are blessed with a great idea and is very certain that it’s unique. don’t waste it.  Thousands of brilliant ideas are wasted just because they didn’t know what to do next.  Hiring an almost decades old experienced idea into new product engineering company like us will ascertain your idea’s turning into reality is cost effective, successful and profitable.  With our help, we can ensure unnecessary costs and expenses are minimized,  risks and wasted time are reduced by implementing strategies and steps known as Evolutionary Product Development (EPD).

Your idea if it’s success and profitability is highly potential, should not be wasted and it’s best to get professional patent, design and industrial engineering services help like ours to protect validate it and design and develop your first new product prototype.  Foremost of your concerns should be protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) and you must always think it can be easily stolen from you.  Make sure you have kept for safekeeping all of your drafts and physical evidences of your idea and on how you came about it for it will it will be very useful should you need to verify original ownership of your idea.

If you hire us we will immediately, before any discussions about your idea, assist in protecting your intellectual property and start by responsibly signing a None Disclosure Agreement with you.  Remember to never discuss your ideas unnecessarily with anyone else, no matter how close they are to you.  Legally the best option and also the most often filed with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) is the PPA or Provisional Patent Application because, unlike a regular patent application or Non Provisional Patent Application (NPPA), a PPA requires less formalities and documentations.  A PPA is valid for 12 months and will not mature into Patent but, you may wisely use this time to validate your idea and commence design, development and industrial engineering your prototype.

Your idea’s validation is equally important to your intellectual property (IP) protection and should also be commenced even before fully designing and developing your idea’s rapid prototype.  In validating your idea, you will be wisely guided on whether turning you idea into reality is worth it and beneficial at all.  You will be able determine if your idea has a market and if you do, will be gaining valuable knowledge on how to perfect your prototype’s design and development so that once it hits the store shelves, you are ensured of 100% profitability.

Hire us now and let us with our decades of invaluable ideas into new product engineering experience turn your ideas into really profitable and future proofed end products, Contact Us

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