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Daily many unique and brilliant ideas are wasted because ingenious inventors or product innovators didn’t know what to do next?  Often it’s of common belief that a great product is one that wins awards which sadly, is the cause of loss  of many great invention ideas.  In truth, most products we see in stores are innovations of existing products that were brilliantly re-engineered to function better and their innovators hugely profits from them.   So if you have an idea for a new product, don’t waste it if you don’t have prior inventing experience because you’d have so many risks guessing your next steps.   



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Here in Long Island-NY, we’re a one stop shop for ideas into new product development wherever you are in the USofA.  When you contact us, we’d responsibly sign a None Disclosure Agreement for your Intellectual Property Protection.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers various Patent Applications that you’ve to register for the benefit of protecting your idea.  Along with prototyping your invention, your idea’s validation is critical for the worry free success of your end product.  This is because this process let’s you know if your invention or new product innovation is indeed worthy to be developed, can be registered for patent and has a market to sell to plus many more.


Affordable idea prototype engineering design development NY


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Hire us for:

* New Product Invention Development, Design, Innovation and Engineering
* Patent Help, Research, Register & Filing with the USPTO.
* New Product Innovation Prototype Digital & Physical Design Engineering
* Modern Technology-Based Innovation & Engineering
* Engineering Analysis & Optimization Rapid Prototyping 
* +++ many more. 

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