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Product Development New York

Product Development New York.


Though Advance Graphics Design & Development Corp. is located & based on Long Island, our firm’s new product design, development and engineering coverage extends far West, North, South and East of New York City proper.  Reaching into Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia and upstate NY, but not limiting to these fine states and basically the whole of the United States!  As we completely offer the same product invention service for your IDEA with a personal flair of seeing you through every step of the way… From Concepts To Reality® as our Trademark states!!


Our one-on-one incremental approach and development methods leads us personally with you in taking your idea to be in the most optimum position for market at the end of the day.  This increases your window’s profit margin-ability to reach its’ highest feasible market level.  We do not just end there, we have many ideas for manageable marketing, but before this is all accomplished, we additionally take your thoughts into consideration and fine tune a unique packaging design to match and fit your end product’s Thought & Idea.


We take your Conceptual Invention’s Development and finalized end product through Inception and into an idealistic manufacturing -mfg-tooling stages, building and proving mold’s for cost effective manufacturingproduction and attractive packaging as stated above.

 product development


There is much involved with and to reach any new product’s fruition and at Advance Graphics Design & Development Corporation, we are here to assist and help you through all the phases of design, engineering, developmental, packaging and marketing along with patenting & trademarking services, including but not limited to patentability searches which is accomplished at our beginning design phases in order to establishing a firm production and not design an already existing idea’s claims.