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Patents & Trademarks Help for New Idea Invention & Product Development

Patents and Trademarks Help for New Idea for Invention or Product Design and Development.


Along with being a New Product Design & Development Corporation, we at AGD&D Corp are professional in all of our services and in at what we do and is a user friendly and Turnkey solution to all your avenues in taking your invention to its fullest development along with its intellectual protection.  Your protection is academic to say the least, once we process our industrial design and create your unique form and function, we will than process your copyrights, trademarks, methods, non-provisional and provisional patents of whatever best fits your concept and idea.  We methodically and incrementally work through every nuance of your invention’s Patenting Processing after discussing and learning your inner most conceptual thoughts and will perform a thorough patentability and market search of your product’s uniqueness.  This helps to edify that we are and will in the future, be moving in proper and even more importantly, unique directions in what we place in Front of The Patent And Trademark Office in Washington DC.


Once the more feasible avenue is decided,  we establish a provisional patent within the PTO wherein we’ll have a year to finalize a fully functioning unit for a more permanent filing.  Our filings can be processed Pro-Se; that is as if you, the individual inventor is filing your patent privately or, we can process with a Patent Law Firm or Agent either referred by us or your own in which we will work with directly before or after the fact.  Our processes for your intellectual protection have been known to be and are extremely thorough and is possibly more extensive than most!  This is for yours and all of our benefits for that matter, for we need to all feel confident in moving forward with any conceived invention or idea.  We need to know we are working on an exclusive item and not another’s possible idea.


We process all intellectual and patenting documents, from our initial signing of a nondisclosure and non competitiveness documents to filing with PTO all the appropriate legal paperwork relating to your new property.  This legal and binding paper trail identifies all critical points that can be referred back to when and if necessary so that you will feel confident in all services that we perform for your new idea and conceptual invention.

Patents and Trademarks Help for New Idea for Invention

Our fees for these patenting & servicing as such, are reasonable and our technical patent writers are the same professionals who write for some major Patent Law Firms.  We offer these services as a “perk“ to any inventors who would rather have it done all at one location rather than piecemealing to different firms.  Again we do this for your convenience and to make it as transparent and user friendly as possible, so that in our PTO assisting, we will provide the service for developing your product more earnestly and effectively in the end.  Taking your concept seriously is what we specialize in and we make certain you wind up in the end with a real product that is enclosed with specially designed packaging that will contain your product for the  market, be it internet along with larger store venues.  We recommend you start with small sampling for test marketing purposes, obtain proper feedback, make any corrections to tweak & tune, possibly revise patent filing if we should find a “better way”  or method and put back out for more quantifiable sales  in the end.