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New York Manufacturing and Product Development

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New York Manufacturing and Product Development


Advance Graphics Design & Development Corporation’s (AGD&D Corp.) main headquarters are based in New York.  We have affiliates varying from diverse vendors and manufactures, along with having even more diverse clients with wonderful conceptual thoughts of new ideas.  We have product distribution centers that spans over the entire United States and can have new products produced and fabricated worldwide, along with being shipped to any destination in the free world accordingly.  We are proud of our history and track record of keeping clients satisfied in turning their concepts into a real time and world reality.


We are capable of engineering testing and fabricating cost effective production tooling for new or modified and existing products which can also extend your patent protection.  We have demonstrated this over and over again in our history of new and existing manufacturing and product design and development for our clients worldwide.  AGD&D Corp along with building your test of design prototype production sampling module, will also produce your product’s end packaging.  Our firm specializes in packaging and we purposely design aesthetics to be not only functional but pleasing to a person’s eye.  This usually proves to be a tremendous factor in your end product’s market & selling features as this helps to attract a person’s eye while generally walking the store’s aisles and possibly sparking an interest in them enough to consider looking, reviewing and purchasing your product, which only (relatively speaking) a short while ago was a conceptual thought you generated.


Your “Idea” or thought was born from necessity, or just came to you one day and whatever your story, we will help you realize this thought more fully in the end with a real and functional product that is packaged professionally and ready to be sold once your patent protection is in place.  Selling a product can be achieved in many fashions and we can help direct you be it through trade magazines, internet driven sales and potentially in real stores such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s, JC Penney’s, Model’s and so on and on .

 New York Manufacturing and Product Development


Though we are described as a New York Manufacturing and Product Design & Development Firm, we can and will assist wherever you are located as we are always Mobile via Phone, Fax, Email, Skype, Windows Messenger and any and all other Internet venues available to each of us.  Call or email initially and we can set up a Nondisclosure document to set the groundwork and then discuss your idea fully.  Once this is accomplished, we will be better equipped to understand your idea to present a valid proposal and timeline to complete and develop you invention.