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new product engineering firm New York affordable trusted design company NY

new product engineering firm New York affordable trusted design company NY


We are a Long Island, New York based Engineering firm providing cost effective New Product Development (NPD) & very affordable design services for small or large companies as well as inventors.  We have been a part of our customers’ companies for over 2 decades now in ensuring their competitive edge in the market by assisting in their continuous product innovations as well as inventions of complimenting products that satisfy their customers’ demands and requirements.  With our decades of product engineering and design experience, turning your idea and concepts into reality is a bliss with our invaluable customer product development experiences as well as the use of modern industrial tools and computer technology.  Every next step need not be a guessing game for us, for we can immediately give you an outline and timeline of what you can expect from us with a competitively priced end product in the market.  


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Like all responsible and wise companies should be doing, ensuring your business’ competitive edge in your market is necessary to ensure your profitability into the future.  Investing in continuous Product development, also called new product managementis tantamount to ensuring your business growth and these are necessary series of steps of that includes, the conceptualization, design and development of prototype models as well as the the marketing of the newly rebranded or newly created goodsproducts or services.


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Come to us with your great idea or your genuine concept for new invention or a totally new product innovation and let our team of Patent Filing and Registration Professionals  give you the best sensible advise to immediately protect your idea.  Be worry free with our experienced and well known engineers in designing and developing your Idea’s first fully working product prototype, which can also be used for your Patent Registration with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).  Be aware that the development of a prototype for your idea is a necessary step for you to save on otherwise very expensive product development costs.  Rapid prototyping will  hasten the finalization of your fully working end product, as the full scale model can easily be defined and tweaked into perfection by our product engineers.  AGDE uses only the best available modern industrial tools as well as computer technology and imagery and, combined with our over 20 years of experience and ingenuity, you can expect only 100% satisfaction from our NY Product engineering design and development servicesContact Us!


recognized engineers design and develop your product's first prototype patent registration filing new york ny