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need design build have an idea develop new product services new york nyc

Idea for Invention & Product Development Services Company New York

Do you have need for a firm providing new product design or development for your New Idea?  We are a Long Island based company in New York with over 2 decades of professional assistance to companies and even individual inventors or businessmen.  If you have an idea and do not know what to do with it, you are right to consult with us for without professional assistance, your original idea may be stolen and patented by someone else.


So what should you do first?  Importantly, make sure you don’t tell anyone else what you have in mind.  With a genuine idea firm like us, we can help document your thoughts or your idea which can be shown as proof of originality with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Applying for patent with the USPTO is very necessary for it is your ultimate protection to your intellectual property. However, the process of obtaining isn’t as simple as just saying it, a lot of process and money will be ultimately involve.


A thorough and diligent patent research is necessary to ensure no one has already made a claim to your idea, if you find out someone was ahead of you, than you should count yourself lucky to have saved a lot of money.  A patent owner can sue you should your product be the same or is a duplicate of his property and patent suits are very expensive and time consuming.  NEED TO KNOW MORE.. Contact Us!


need design build have an idea develop new product services new york nyc