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MFG Engineering Services in Long Island New York

MFG Engineering Services in Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania.

At Advance Graphics Design and Engineering (AGDE) we Engineer for Pro-Se Patent Applicants. We Engineer For Cost Effective Production Tooling, (Small & Large Quantity Tooling.) Thus Increasing Your Bottom Line & Profit Margin Window.

Advance Graphics Design Engineering and Development personally assists in Product Engineering, Design and Development of New Concepts, Ideas & Inventions all within a range of its’ local up to & not limiting to Long Island, New York , New Jersey, Connecticut & Pennsylvania. All other area we would work remotely unless required to travel!

Product Design & Development Turn Key Firm.

Though based on Long Island, N.Y., Advance Graphics Design Engineering & Development Corp covers a wide territory which spans into south, west and north of New York & Long Island NY. Which potentially includes Connecticut, Eastern Pennsylvania & Lower Upstate N.Y., we travel so you do not and make your product’s development and intellectual protection as transparent as possible.

new thought for an Invention

New Invention & New Idea.

If you have a new thought for an Invention or a unique Idea that will make life easier and will benefit a process already produced, or if you feel your New Idea for your New Invention is something that has not been produced yet and just waiting for someone to develop it, you have come to the right firm.

A.G.D. & D Corp. is your turnkey firm and solution for Developing your Idea & Invention. We will research your Concept feasibility initially in the market place along with finding any cited patents in Front of the PTO. We then will process this information in an effort to develop your Invention or Idea in a cost effective manner. Full Product Design Engineering Firm that will design cost effective manufacturing tooling for your new Idea & Invention.

new idea and invention in long island

We will produce a proof of design; Prototype of your Concept. Along with additionally assisting in your Patenting & Trademark processing, we will also design aesthetically pleasing Packaging for your new Product to be place in the world’s market.. We can ship your Finished Product anywhere in the free world.